Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Visitors of the Alien Kind

Exeter UFO Drawing
By Mike Bisceglia Jr.

     Some folks come from other states to visit New England. Others come from foreign countries. Some visitors come from even farther. (Do I hear the theme from Close Encounters?)

Actually Gentle Reader, I have no feeling on the subject of alien visitors one way or the other. I can't say I have run into anyone who doesn't claim earthly residence, but I haven't met everyone yet. Let me say that people see what they see, and sometimes what they see happens over the fair domain of New England. (Hey, it's a great place to visit. Right?)

The folks who report seeing what they see aren't necessarily summer toboggan riders or have nothing better to do with their time. I'm not here to pass judgment. After all, I'm simply the messenger. The following is not a complete list of "sightings."

Further, these events aren't from ancient history.

Records started being kept in 1951. So, read on . . . if you dare.

From New Hampshire: In September 1961, two policemen in Exeter saw a large, dark object with red lights circling a farm and scaring the animals. I wonder if it had a hole in the center. In 1997, people in North Stratford saw an object as large as a house glowing with pink and blue lights. A birth announcement . . .maybe.

In Hampton from March 17-25, 1998, folks reported seeing a large green tadpole-shaped object streaking across the sky over the ocean. Say, wasn't that the same week as college spring break? In Concord in August 2000, a man and his wife were sitting on the back porch and saw a bright white light zip across the sky faster than any plane they had ever seen. Hmm, Lucky Strike, maybe?

From Massachusetts: The town of my birth, Worcester, seems to have cornered the market on UFO sightings.

Here's one: On Dec. 28, 1977, folks saw a large object hovering close to a parking lot. It moved slowly, and then left. Spaces for those after Christmas sales are difficult to find.

In Westfield in March 1962, witnesses say they saw a red ball jet across the sky. I thought that the Red Sox didn't play at home until April. In 1989 in Webster, people there saw a large circular object ascend from a lake and disappear. Moon over Webster?

From Maine: Near Rangeley in 1954, folks saw two white lights descend into a valley and stay there for about 15 minutes. Maybe they just wanted some alone time. On June 28-29, Kennebunk in 1981, a resident saw a large football-shaped object with green and white lights pass over his house and then go out over the ocean. Were the Bushes in town that week? In Bangor in 1963, a resident saw a large white-domed object hovering over the road. He pulled over, yanked out a pistol and shot at it. It took off at a rapid clip. Well, sure. I would, too.

From Vermont: In Goshen, in 2000, witnesses saw a fireball appear in the sky and disappear. I guess the local movie theater had shown everything those folks had seen already. In Jericho in 1999, folks attest to seeing a blue, green and red object dance across the sky. To the tune of what? In Colchester in 1997, folks saw a green object jump about in the sky. They also reported that the radio was fried for about 10 seconds. Maybe it wasn't jumping. Maybe it was dancing.

From Connecticut: In February 1999 in New Haven, a person saw a red and blue pulsating object hovering over a neighbor's house. "I see the light. I see the party light . . .." In Old Saybrook in 1957, a woman reported having seen a UFO with portholes hovering outside her bedroom window. Suggestion: Draw your shades at night, lady! From Woodmount in 1997, residents saw a large, saucer-shaped object with a row of windows on the bottom. Tour bus, I bet.

From Rhode Island: In 1998, a person in Portsmouth saw a large amber and gold object pass above some trees. Now that color scheme shows taste. In East Greenwich in 1997, a person saw a cigar- shaped object move across the sky. Churchill or robusto?

Message to all visitors: Try the salt water taffy.

It's delicious.

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