Thursday, August 23, 2007

" . . . There Have Been Skirmishes Between UFOs and American Fighter Jets"

Pilot Chasing UFO
‘It’s life folks but not as we know it’ claims ET author

By The Bromley Times

     A SECRET war is raging between Earth and alien UFOs, according to an investigator specialising in extra terrestrial life, writes Martin Croucher.

After pouring through declassified and leaked government documents, author Timothy Good, of The Avenue, Beckenham, has come to the conclusion that there have been skirmishes between UFOs and American fighter jets.

Moreover he believes there is still some conflict between certain types of UFOs and the military.

His book, Need to Know: UFOs the Military and Intelligence, compiles several hundred reports by military and civilian pilots, astronauts, naval officers and refers to documents previously classed as Top Secret.

He said: "It is quite obvious just how serious the government takes this. In one report it addresses airforce pilots quite strongly not to approach these objects.

"In May 1947 in America, the military began firing at the unknown aircraft. This led to phenomenal repercussions. They caused a number of aircraft to disappear or crash.

"There were hundreds of unexplained air accidents that were in my opinion attributed to UFOs. President Truman ordered an investigation into them.

"This wasn't just in America, it was around the world. Many planes couldn't get off the ground.

"Many of those that did get off the ground dropped out of the air soon after. Some people said it was because they ran out of fuel but you don't get planes running out of fuel so soon after taking off.

"This was very disturbing for the military. There is still a conflict situation with some of them if not all."

A Ministry of Defence spokesman was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

Mr Good said that from his research there appeared to be different types of UFO and not all of them were hostile.

The revelations in the book may be due in part to a steady relaxation on the classification of the British government's UFO files.

Mr Good said: "The main reason this subject is covered up is because there is no way they could come out with all this material all at once. I have been told by informed sources that the agenda is for gradual disclosure."

Signed copies of his book are available in Waterstones in the Glades, Bromley now.

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