Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'Flying Saucer' Captured in Family Photo Circa 1878?

UFO Captured in Family Photograph Circa 1878 (Enhanced & Cropped)
Good friend and colleague, “Mr. Rick Stokes” forwarded the following photograph to us; Rick of course is the recently appointed news editor of the world-renowned web-site, The Anomalist.

He (Rick) states that a reader sent the pic in and wanted to remain anonymous; however, in part writes, “I got a stack of old photos from my grandmother, and among them was this one. I have brightened it a bit in Photoshop, and could provide a higher res version, but look in the upper left hand corner. What could that be? There is no exact information on the photo but it was taken in Florida in the late 1870's.”--FW

- click on images to enlarge -

- original as sent in by reader -

UFO Captured in Family Photograph Circa 1878

- carefully enhanced by your editor -

UFO Captured in Family Photograph Circa 1878 (Enhanced)

- saucer cropped and enlarged -

UFO Captured in Family Photograph Circa 1878 (Cropped)


  1. Please see http://www.alexnolan.net/articles/ufophotos2.htm
    I think that "ufo" is same.

  2. Good Day Nur,

    Thank you for your input! In your private e-mail to me you wrote:

    I think this picture is fake.
    Please see http://www.alexnolan.net/articles/ufophotos2.htm

    What do you think?

    nur agustinus

    To which I replied:

    Without looking at your link (yet) I believe it is "fake" as well; note the shadows, or more specifically the lack of; in my estimation the sun is at the "12:00 pm position" i.e., straight over-head--the light reflecting off the UFO does not correspond to the rest of the image. Moreover, the UFO is "very clear" given the alleged age of the photo, as well as the fact that the object is in the "background of the focal point."

    Methinks the contributor was bored and got creative with Photoshop, or ?

    Now of course after following the link you provided, there is no doubt that the contributor had a lot of time on his hands. Good catch!


  3. Wow, I shot the UFO picture for the website www.alexnolan.net

    I am amazed how similar this one looks to mine.

    Maybe it's true their are UFO's or it was a clever use of camera angles and photoshop of lamp post in Germany....

    The truth is out there!!


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