Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Black Vault: John Greenewald Has A UFO Obsession

By Jack Ryan
The Post Chronicle

John Greenwalde (Sml)     Black Vault owner John Greenewald Jr. has been digging for the truth about extraterrestrials since he was a child. His online site the "Black Vault" may be the largest UFO information base in the world.

Motivated by his curiosity and empowered by the Freedom of Information Act, John Greenewald Jr. has assembled what may very well be the most comprehensive collection of UFO documents ever.

Over the past decade, John Greenewald Jr. has gathered half a million UFO-related government documents. And it's all online for anyone to see.

The Black Vault is currently down, however. Presumably, the Black Vault is down due to a massive influx of traffic generated from the notoriety, or maybe it was simply aliens, or a government conspiracy to hide the truth.

"I've learned specifically that the U.S. government and military cover up a lot," says Greenewald, according to Yahoo news. "It doesn't matter what subject you're dealing with, it doesn't matter what time frame you're dealing with."

The biggest cover-up of all, Greenewald says, is Area 51 in Nevada - the center of many UFO conspiracy theories. For years the government denied its very existence. It still doesn't appear on any maps. But Greenewald has a letter in his Black Vault from the Department of Energy acknowledging that Area 51 was annexed by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in 1958, and that the area is currently part of Nellis Air Force Base.

As far as America's most famous UFO legend, the alleged crash of a flying saucer in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, Greenewald says the government has changed its story many times.

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