Friday, June 29, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE:Multiple Black Spheres Reported

UFO Illustration By Witness
Reader Submitted Report

     About ten years ago at my moms house in pagosa springs colorado at about 4pm myself, my sister, my mom, and my nephew saw two UFOs in the sky. My sister is the one that actually brought it to our attention.

The UFOs appeared to be be black spheres assembled together in rough rectangular shapes with one of the UFOs having a "flagella-like" protusion of black spheres extending from the top middle part of the 'rectangle'.

Attached is a "drawing" of what the UFOs looked like. None of us had a camera but we did have binoculars which we used to try and distingusih more detail about the black blobs in the sky - however when we looked throught the binoculars at the UFOs they seemed futher away that when viewing them with the naked eye.

It freaked us all out and we watched the UFOs until we could no longer see them - about an hour. The UFOs moved very languidly as if they were in water. The flagella protrusion from the rectangular shaped UFO seemed to undulate very slowly as
if it was 'feeling' about.

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