Thursday, May 03, 2007

UFO 'Evidence' Grows

Flying Saucers Spotted Near Guernsey From Plane 4-23-07
By Joel de Woolfson
This is Guernsey

A RETIRED Air France pilot has backed Aurigny’s Ray Bowyer’s UFO sighting.
     Captain Jean-Charles Duboc claimed he saw a huge object over Paris on 28 January 1994 while flying an Airbus 320 from Nice to London.

It was well documented in the French media and on internet sites.

The 55-year-old’s sighting was supported by fellow flight crew and French radar, which picked up the object about 25 miles east of Paris for 50 seconds.

‘The observation of Captain Ray Bowyer is really impressive for several reasons,’ he said.

‘The fact it was daytime, a huge size, low altitude, nine minutes of sighting, passengers and another crew to confirm it.

‘In fact, Captain Bowyer’s observation is very similar to mine, except there was two objects and they were very low.’

However, unlike Captain Bowyer, who gave no suggestion as to what the UFO might have been, Captain Duboc believes the one he was was from another world.

‘My position about the sighting off Alderney is that an extraterrestrial civilisation wants to develop contacts with our planet and that they deliberately organise UFO sightings.’

He said that in the last 60 years, there have been approximately 1,300 sightings by pilots and about 15% have been confirmed by radar.

‘It is a really scary reality, but pilots have exceptional training and are the best qualified observers to identify UFOs.’

Air France would not say if Captain Duboc had flown for it because of data protection laws.

Captain Duboc said the size of the objects seen by Captain Bowyer and a Blue Islands pilot was similar to that of the UFO he saw which he described as a huge lens with a bank angle of 45 degrees.

‘We soon realised it was about 25 nautical miles away and it didn’t move. It was absolutely huge because it is impossible to see an airplane distinctly at that distance.

‘The dimensions of that object could have been around 500 metres and we saw it for between one and two minutes before it dematerialised in about 10 to 20 seconds.’

AURIGNY pilot Ray Bowyer has today told of his delight at the response to his UFO sighting.

The 50-year-old captain, who claimed he saw two identical objects as he was approaching Alderney from Southampton, said he had been inundated by people telling similar stories.

‘Since the story has been publicised, I must have had a least 20 people come up to me and tell me their story,’ he said.

He said it has had a very positive impact.

‘I think what it has done is make it acceptable for other people to tell their stories. It seems to have lubricated people’s tonsils to talk about this sort of experience.’

Captain Bowyer’s UFO sighting received national media attention last week and the story has been seen by people all over the globe after being picked up by various news websites.

He said the stories people had told him varied greatly.

‘I must say that some of the people said things that I thought could be explained. However I reckon that there are people out there that have seen stuff that cannot be explained.’

He added that he had received a lot of support from fellow pilots.

‘In the profession it’s fairly well known that if you come forward and tell these sort of stories, you become unemployable.’

Captain Bowyer praised his bosses at Aurigny for their understanding.

‘I think if I had not had eight years with the company it would not have been mentioned. But I’m lucky that I had the security with Aurigny and I want to thank them for their support.

‘It’s really nice that other people have come forward to say that they have had similar experiences.’

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