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Women Reports Alien Outside Her Bedroom Window!

Alien Outside Window
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Location: Santa Rosa, La Pampa (Argentina)

Date: First days of January 2007-04-04

Bedroom Visitation in Santa Rosa, Argentina – 2007

By by Salvatore V. Carta

     Witness B, 31, was in her home in a neighborhood located on the southern outskirts of Santa Rosa. The time was approximately 2:30 a.m.. She was lying in bed with her 12-year-old son, “C”.

There is a window at the foot of the bed, facing west, measuring 1 mt. wide by 0.80 mt. tall, located one meter above floor level.

Mrs. “B” was asleep on her left side with her legs outstretched, facing south. Half awake at this point, she was alarmed to see a person walking past the window, which was open and let through the moonlight. It was an intensely warm night.

Feigning sleep and remaining in the position she was in – that is to say, she did not lift her head from the pillow – she reached for her cell phone, which she always keeps near her headboard. Now, looking more clearly at the window, she noticed two very tall, lean creatures that were looking back at her from outside the house.

At that moment, a reddish purple light flooded the room and Mrs. B was unable to move. Mrs. B says that in a matter of two seconds—very quickly—the first of the two beings lifted its legs one by one and stepped into the room, followed by its companion. One of the beings stood beside her and the other by her son, “C”, performing a laying-of-hands on the boy, who was sound asleep. Mrs. B feels that this last entity was female.

Meanwhile, the red light, which had no visible source, dimmed and went out. Only moonlight poured into the room.

The female-seeming entity now stood at the foot of the bed, and the other entity, which Mrs. B felt to be male despite the absence of any genitals, stood behind Mrs. B, who felt that two “little tubes” or straws were arranged symmetrically on her back, above the kidneys. These objects began boring into her back “like two drills” making a spiral motion.

These drilling objects moved from her back to the front of her body, toward Mrs. B’s ovaries. Feeling intense pain, Mrs. B was only able to shrink into a fetal position. Gradually, these elements, after what seemed to her like a very long time, began slowing down. The intense pain lessened.

At this point, the entity standing behind her placed its hand over Mrs. B’s right breast. She noticed that the creature’s hand had grayish-green skin with very long fingers, delicate phalanges and very thick joints, like those of a frog. The entity began rubbing its hairless head slowly from Mrs.B’s right shoulder down to her hip. She still could not move.

To this day, she finds remarkable that the entity closed its eyes as it did this. No manner of communication occurred, but she sensed a sort of infatuation toward her. Like the caress of a retreating lover, a sensation of tenderness issued from the being.

After this, the two beings – the male first, then the female—left the room. Mrs. B’s mobility was restored after some minutes, seeing no apparent lights or noises. Only the moonlight continued to stream into the room. She got up, shut the window, and looked around the house as she shouted for her son to wake up, as he remained “deeply asleep”. A no time did she touch her son. Meanwhile, she continued trying to contact her mother over the cell phone. The device was inoperative, had no signal, and not even the emergency call mode was working.

After a while, she was able to make a call. At that moment, her son got out of bed, hearing her screaming and crying as Mrs. B spoke to her mother. He asked her what was going on – at no point was he aware that anything had happened. The time was three o’clock in the morning.

Our witness was awake and conscious at all times, from the start of the event. She was aware that something out of the ordinary had taken place. She went into the bathroom in a state of shock, and her son told her that there were some marks on her skin, similar to a scratch or a rash under her shoulders and above her kidneys. They vanished the next day, as did the ache in her internal genital region.

Before this event, Mrs. B had irregular menses. She is now regular – she menstruated only days after the event, but for an entire month. After giving birth to “C”, she was unable to get pregnant again and had a series of miscarriages.

Researcher’s Notes: As collateral phenomena it arises that Mrs. B’s pets (two cats), who always sleep with her and her son, were not present that night. On subsequent nights, the cats would bristle as they looked out the window. It is remarkable that B never slept with the window open until after “C” was born, who is now twelve years old. Was that situation manipulated? What was the nature of the miscarriages? Perhaps insemination followed by the removal of fetuses? One can suppose that some sort of genital survey was performed, perhaps involving the extraction of ova from Mrs. B.

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