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Dulce "Underground Base" Police Chief Named in a Complaint

Dulce Underground Room & Saucer

Dulce "underground base" police chief named in a complaint by former Dulce Police Patrol Sargeant

By Norio Hayakawa

Norio Hayakawa     By now, some of you may know who Hoyt Velarde is.

Hoy Velarde was the Police Chief of Dulce, New Mexico, a Jicarilla Apache town long associated with stories of "UFOs", "black helicopters", "cattle mutilations" along with a secret "underground base/bio-lab" which has been rumored to exist under the Archuleta Mesa, adjacent to it.

Recently it came to my attention that Hoyt Velarde, as well as the Jicarilla Apache Police Department, as well as the entire Jicarilla Apache Nation were named in a complaint filed in 2003 by a former Jicarilla Apache police officer, Mr. Phillip Gallegos.

Mr. Gallegos himself was not a member of the Jicarilla Apache tribe but worked for the tribe as a Police Patrol Sergeant. He alleged that he had uncovered evidence of possible criminal activity within the Jicarilla Apache Police Dept.

As a "whistleblower", he reported to federal authorities. The complaint alleged that the Jicarilla Apache tribe was collectively engaged in this illegal conduct.
The tribe then terminated Mr. Gallegos from his position as a police officer after learning of this report.

The exact nature of Mr. Gallegos' accusation is not clear in this court hearing.
Apparently the U.S. government overturned Mr. Gallegos' complaint:

02-2347 -- Gallegos v. Jicarilla Apache Nation -- 11/28/2003

I am very curious as to what his allegation included.

Here is a reference on Hoyt Velarde:

Hoyt Velarde - available public information


  1. Have you ever been to the Jicarilla Reservation? How about Dulce? I've been there numerous times. There is no underground base, period. The conference is just a money maker.

  2. There are no "money maker" plans here. Norio is attempting to settle this question, "period." At just $5 per person, with room for less than 50 people, how can you justify the "money maker" charge? And just how do you know there is no underground base? Have you ever done any in-depth research? Until you post your credentials, you are just another armchair skeptic. The world didn't believe Troy existed, either –– until someone left his comfort zone and REALLY looked. If you can stop being cynical for a minute, your mind might open a little and you might learn something.

  3. OK. March 30th, Janet. What specific proof was provided? Itemize the proof, please. A person is not an "armchair skeptic" if the person treads the ground. Many a person with so-called "credentials" is nothing more than a huckster. With an off-season opportunity to sell motel rooms, how many rooms were filled? How many meals were purchased in the casino? How many quarters were dropped into the machines? An economically depressed area like the res needs the money. Yes, I've covered the ground and searched, since its not too far from my home in Colorado. It isn't easy sometimes when locals don't want outsiders walking their woods. Have you walked over the burned ground on the top of Archuleta Mesa? How about going to the "gas-buggy" site? Too many true-believers in the UFO community are all too ready to suspend rational thinking when searching.

  4. Here it is, March 31, 2009. I can be harsh and confrontational at times, especially when objectivity is thrown aside by people grasping at straws. Conversely, I am like the fictional Fox Mulder in that "I want to believe". But as I approach 6 decades on this planet I have yet to see anything with my own two eyes to convince me that the unexplained things that happen in this world aren't caused by men.


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