Friday, March 02, 2007

Yes, Folks the 10 PM Videos are Flares...

Phoenix Lights (Flares) Cropped
By Mike Fortson

Mike Fortson (C)     One might think that something special is about to happen in the great state of Arizona. For the 5th time in three weeks we have been bombarded by military pilots coming forward (after 10 years) to remind us that the “Phoenix Lights” are nothing but flares. Ah, those five famous videos that briefly shook the world to the possibility that finally ET’s ship might be on video. Those same videos that got infamously dubbed, “The Phoenix Lights”. Those precious videos that those two buffoon, so-called ufo investigators tagged their “holy grail” of ufo videos. It’s too bad only a handful of witnesses actually saw the lights as they were being filmed. Not thousands as they (the media) lead you to believe. And now almost 10 years after the fact, military pilots are finally coming out of the closet to remind us again and again that “it’s flares folks, relax”.

And the media is going out of their way to make sure we read just that. We aren’t talking about a small paragraph on page 19, but front page again and again. Enough already! Everyone knows the 5 videos shot around 10PM on March 13, 1997, are videos of a high altitude flare drop near the north end of the Barry Goldwater Test Range. Enough! It’s true…. those 5 videos are flares. We believe you. But, there is so much more…..

Now let’s talk about the 8 o’clock events that occurred throughout the state. Let’s talk of the massive V shaped craft that thousands of Arizonians witnessed earlier that evening. Let’s talk of the 5:30 PM sighting near Crown King where three V shaped craft were seen together by people who pulled off the I-17 interstate to watch in awe. Yes, 5:30! PS: It’s still daylight! Witnesses claim the 3 V shaped craft “pan caked upon each other as 2 fighter jets approached from the south. Then after stacking on each other, formed a white ball of light and vanished! This report was way too strong for the media to disclose. So, guess what? It never made the news.

Let’s talk about the group of search and rescue firemen in the north valley who had the profoundly massive V shape formation pass over their heads at incredibly low altitude. And the helicopter pilot who refused to go up and see what “it” was. Let’s talk about the little league game that just “stopped” everything as the massive craft passed over their heads with families, players, and umpires staring in disbelief. Let’s talk about the retired airline captain who claimed, “the craft had an inside area of over a square mile and I could easily land my 737 on it!’ Then as the craft passed over his head, he received a sort of telepathic massage, “we are not a threat!” There is truly so much more. Shouldn’t we be reading of these events, rather than constantly being reminded that the USAF dropped diversionary flares neat 10 PM and there were five videos recorded?

Isn’t this more important and earth shattering than constantly reminding us that the “Phoenix Lights” are nothing but flares?

Now, let’s talk about “The Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997”, instead.

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