Monday, February 26, 2007

Volume of World-Wide UFO Sightings Indicates a Flap!

UFOs Over Islington (Crpd)
Islington Gazette UFO video adds to the UFO “flap”


     Since the Chicago O’Hare airport UFO sighting was publicised many other reports of mysterious lights in the sky have been reported worldwide, which suggests that we are experiencing what is known to ufologists as a “flap,” and that it is continuing. The Islington Gazette has been a focus of interest in UFOs due to a reader’s video being shown on its website, which has prompted a 400 % increase in traffic for the site.

The video shows footage of mysterious unidentified objects that were seen over Archway, Islington, London, and readers reported seeing as many as 50 orange lights in the area.

Internet users worldwide who have seen the video have left their comments by email and the Islington Gazette editor Tony Allcock said: "We were surprised and delighted that the story and video created so much comment from so far afield."

Police and UFO investigation organisation Contact International were alerted at the time of the sightings.

Whilst many witnesses and viewers of the video believe that what is shown is definitely evidence of extraterrestrial craft others have put forward down-to-Earth explanations such as Chinese lanterns, and birds like swans and geese.

In Phoenix, Arizona, USA many people reported seeing strange lights in the sky there but these were explained away as flares used by the military.

At Arkansas another recent sighting, was also said to have been military flares even though Col. Brian Fields, a retired Air Force colonel with 32 years of service made the report, and he was convinced what he had seen was definitely not of this world.

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  1. hello im hollyjm from roblox last night (thursday 9th december 2010) in milton keyns newport pagnell i saw 2 foo fighters in the sky near tickford park primery round 17:39 then it folloed me to my house my mom bro and sis saw it to can u give me some info

    holly from roblox


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