Monday, February 05, 2007

Veteran Ufologist 'Dennis Balthaser' To Guest on The Kevin Smith Radio Show

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By Frank Warren

Dennis Balthaser (Head)     Veteran UFO researcher/investigator, “Dennis Balthaser” will guest on the “Kevin Smith Radio Show” tonight from 8-10pm Mountain Time (10-12 eastern, 9-11 central and 7-9 pacific).

Dennis’ research centers on the “Roswell Incident”; however, his work is inclusive of investigations on Area 51, underground bases as well as ancient Egypt.

One time volunteer for the “UFO Museum in Roswell,” Dennis has since become independent, and as Stanton Friedman says:
"Dennis is the researcher in Roswell all
the other researchers go to for the answers."
Dennis will address his research as well as some of the latest happenings in Ufology. In addition, he will fill us in on the upcoming Symposium at Aztec in March, which he will be “hosting,” as well as the upcoming Festival in Roswell later in July; the latter celebrating it’s 60th anniversary!

Dennis is no stranger to the airwaves having guested on such shows as, Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, Jerry Pippin, The Hickman Report, Hilly Rose, Tony Gill, Rob McConnell, Errol Bruce Knapp and the BBC.

He has also appeared on countless documentaries, and European, Japanese, and American productions including those for ABC, NBC, CNN, MTV, Sci-FI, TLC, Discover Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Kids Discovery Channel, Weekend Today Show, The Fox Network Ted Koppel's "Night Line."

Most recently he figured prominently, and was the shining star of the “poorly produced” production by National Geographic, “Under Cover History: The Real Roswell.”

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