Monday, February 19, 2007

UFO Crash in Argentina?

UFO Crash at Chicoana
They affirm that the fallen object was a UFO


     Numerous testimonies of neighbors of Rosary of Lerma and Quijano assure that the UFO sighting in the skies last Thursday, the 18th of January cordillerana zone, was not related to any hail storm [as authorities are suggesting].

“Rather it looked like an enormous ball, silver-plated in color that emitted flames from its back part, flew to high altitude and a speed different from any apparatus seen by these places”, they said.

“I do not know how they can say that it was the effect of the sun in the accumulated hail, or an airplane. It left a long wake to much in height. It was lost in the clouds near the top of the hills at El Manzano. I’ve seen airplanes at that altitude, but never hail”, commented Ariel, a delivery driver, who along with 4 other passengers witnessed the event at 14.30.

Their view of the event was so spectacular they pulled the car over to observe the strange object. “It came from the west and was round in shape and silver in color. Given its altitude, it’s unlikely it fell in these mountains, but further in the interior,” he said.

That same afternoon, a wave of 911 calls was received concerning a crash and later explosion of UFO in the zone of Chicoana; part of the data was provided by Beatriz Prieto, of Las Palmas; she affirmed, “it was as an airplane in flames” and “exploded when it touched earth”.

The police of the province arranged a mobilization of the populace to search the jurisdictions of Chicoana and Rosario de Lerma without positive results.

The immensity of this zone could easily hide an object that fell from the sky. Mainly when the testimonies describe an ignited ball that was lost near El Manzano.

“12 years ago a similar incident happened in the zone of the Gólgota, in the Gorge of El Toro, they said that it was space junk, but we never saw any of that apparatus that fell from the sky. Now it happens again, only this time it’s a few kilometers towards the South. Is this a coincidence or is somebody aiming their space junk at us”, said an ex- member the search party of Rosary of Lerma that participated in a similar operation before 1996.

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