Wednesday, February 28, 2007


UFO Over North Lincolnshire
By This Is Scunthorpe

     Unidentified flying objects appear to have given North Lincolnshire a wide berth, according to official records kept by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The last sightings of flying saucer-type objects in our region were almost five years ago.The MoD UFOlogy files reveal things were really buzzing over the skies of North Lincolnshire in 2002, with three sightings reported in an eight-month spell.

At 2.15am on March 31, an observer from Scunthorpe reported two lights circling around each other.

They were yellow, red, green and blue in colour.

Just a week later the MoD received another local alert, this time from Scawby, at 1.50am on Saturday, April 7.

The witness testified he saw a blue light, then yellow shooting stars, followed by a loud bang.

It was the second UFO sighting in the otherwise sleepy village of Scawby in nine years.

UFO activity in North Lincolnshire then went quiet until 2.30pm on November 2, 2002.

This time the mysterious object seen at Walcot was described as dark blue and torpedo-shaped and was followed by a white plume of smoke.

Anyone who believes they have spotted a UFO is asked, in the first instance, to contact Humberside Police.

The police, who pass on the information to the MoD, require a detailed report.

UFO spotters have to list nearby objects like high voltage lines, rivers and buildings, give names of any witnesses and describe the weather conditions.

They also have to give a full description and exact positioning of the sighting and the direction in which it was first seen.

Coun Mark Kirk (48), deputy leader of the opposition Labour group on North Lincolnshire Council, and his wife Tina, know the routine only too well.

In July 1978, the Kirks witnessed their very own close encounter of the first kind near Market Rasen.

"I don't know what we saw, but it was something we had never seen before," said Coun Kirk.

"I used to be sceptical about UFOs, but if anyone ever told me they had seen one I would have to believe them.

"The object was about 150ft away, around 50ft above the ground and making no noise at all."

Coun Kirk knew it was neither an aircraft nor a helicopter, and he started to drive off with the object slightly above the car.

"It was travelling at 40mph in a sideways position, and was displaying two very large white lights," he said.

"Then a series of coloured lights started flashing and the object swept overhead."

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