Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Phoenix Lights: Another Witness Recounts Her UFO Experience

Phoenix UFO Overhead
By Adriana Sanchez
[Note-Eyewitness, and whom I call "Ufologist by fate," as well as an expert on the "Phoenix Lights Incident," "Mike Fortson" relates that this is the first account (in writing) south of Casa Grande, as well as "the first" occurring at approximately 11:00 pm. Previously, the latest confirmed account (10:20 pm) of the "immense V-shaped craft" was by pilot Capt. Trig Johnston .

The flare-drop was at 10:00 pm, and the "main sighting" of the "immense V-shaped craft" was at 8:30 pm .]

     It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 10 years. I still remember it. How can one forget.

My witness account began one night as I was leaving my job at a TV station in Yuma, AZ (different than the current station I work at). It was shift work…M-F 3p-11pm. That means I was out the door between 11p and 11:15pm. As I was leaving, the newsroom was empty except for the weatherman. I said goodbye and opened door to go into the back parking lot. I noticed a row of evenly spaced bright white lights just South East of the station. I remember thinking “Wow, did they add streets lights to 16th Street (Hwy 95)?” On the way to my car I tried to remember if they had always been there.

I decided to check them out since it was only a couple of blocks away. As I drove out of the parking lot I knew they weren’t streetlights. They were now a little higher than before but still close to the ground. I drove in their direction and could now see they were in the sky. Seven evenly spaced white lights in a “V” formation moving very slowly . . . really graceful. I tried to figure out what they were. Crop duster? Harriers? I turned south and tried to follow it so I could make out what it was. I rolled down my window to listen but it made no sound. I ruled out crop duster since the lights indicated it was at least as big as an entire field. I ruled out seven evenly spaced Harriers since there was absolutely no sound. I stared at the lights and even tough I was alone in my car, said out loud “What is that?” I couldn’t tell if it was seven separate objects or one object with 7 lights. If it was several objects they moved in perfect formation…evenly spaced and moved at the same time.

I had driven less than a mile and decided to make a U-turn and raced back to the TV station so I could catch the weatherman before he left. He had a pilot’s license and would certainly know what this is. As I drove back I kept glancing over my right shoulder to keep an eye on it. I didn’t want to lose sight of it. As I turned into the parking lot of the TV station, it was gone. “No no no no nooooo” I remember thinking.

I turned back tried to find it again. I drove for a few miles but it was gone. I don’t feel that the lights sped off. I think they just disappeared. From the time I opened the door to the time I lost sight of the lights, the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes. I was disappointed that I didn’t find out what it was but I let it go.

About a year later I was watching a show about UFO sightings. I saw the “Phoenix Lights” story and said “Oh my God! That’s what I saw!” Even though I had never given the lights another thought, I was thrilled to see that other people were questioning what they were because I still am curious to find out what they were.

I’ve read that some have downplayed these as being flares. But flares fall downward. What I saw was almost hovering, moving away and slightly upward. I’ve read that some reports say the lights were amber in color. The ones I saw were bright white yet they were not illuminating anything on the ground. I am excited to find out what it was that I saw but after ten years I doubt we will ever know. Even if I was proven to me that it was a government aircraft, I would be satisfied. I’m just not satisfied with stories of them being flares. I know they weren’t. I can’t tell you for sure what it was I saw, but I can tell you for sure what I didn’t see….and I didn’t see flares.

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