Monday, January 01, 2007

UFO UpDates Passes Ten Year Mark!

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UFO UpDate: Ladies & Gentlemen 2007!

By Errol Bruce-Knapp
Moderator UFO UpDates - Toronto

Errol Bruce-Knapp (Sml)     This New Year marks ten years of UFO UpDates on the Net and Web.

With 68,463 Messages archived since its Web inception in December 1996, literally millions of reads over the past ten years and thousands of subscribers, the List has more than fulfilled its mandate.

To contributors past and present, my thanks for making the List informative, useful and rewarding to moderate.

To Archive readers, on behalf of List-posters, our thanks for your interest, encouragement and growing awareness that there is indeed something very strange happening around the planet.

May 2007 bring us more indications that we, mere citizens of Earth, are not alone in our interest. May science and government publicly acknowledge what you know to be a fact of life, and invest as much time and energy as you.

A peacful, happy, prosperous and better-informed 2007 . . .

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