Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Phoenix Lights" Eye Witness Mike Fortson Added To Speaker Line-up at Aztec UFO Symposium

Mike Fortson (B)
By Frank Warren

Aztec UFO     This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the “Aztec UFO Symposium,” slated for March 23, 24, and 25th (Fri-Sat-Sun); the event functions as a fundraiser for the “Aztec Library” in this beautiful town located in the “Four Corners” area of New Mexico.

Coincidently, this year “also” marks the tenth anniversary of what has become known as the “Phoenix Lights Incident,” which occurred in the southwestern United States, the largest part witnessed over Arizona; accordingly it seems only fitting that “Mike Fortson” who was a direct eyewitness of this enormous craft which cruised the night skies near his home (then) in Chandler, Arizona be added to the “speaker assemblage.”

Although Mike is reluctant to label himself as a Ufologist, he is—in every sense of the word! There exists a common thread among those of us who study this phenomenon—that is a burning desire to “understand” what is and has been occurring over our heads for so long!

Phoenix UFO OverheadIn Mike’s case, it seems as if “fate” intervened, he having witnessed what he describes as a “life-changing event!” Imagine being outside your home and without warning, a “Titanic sized” craft of unknown origin slowly glides by as you sit in utter amazement taking in this “wonderful event.”

It’s no surprise that Mike has become devoted to researching and investigating this incident that took place nearly ten years ago, this March. Moreover, his involvement as a witness, as well as his ensuing research has made him sought-after in regards to the mainstream media; he is a veteran of over 50 televised interviews as well as 50 radio interviews, including 3 documentaries world wide on the subject.

Aside from the subject matter itself, and not unlike the “Aztec Incident,” the event that has erroneously become known, as “The Phoenix Lights” is not without controversy, albeit obscure—Mike Fortson’s goal is to “set the record straight” and to define exactly what happened during the night of March 13th, 1997.

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