Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My UFO EXPERIENCE: UFO Spotted Near Tijuana

UFO Near Tijuana
Reader Submitted report

     When I was young, I was resting in the beach, I was a truck driver,so I stopped there I rested there all day I was going to go to Tijuana, at 11 at night I left from Masatlan going to Tijuana I have drove like 2 hours and the night was calm when suddenly a white light illuminated the highway,hills,and the path I was going on I saw a object hovering from the side of the beach,and it lasted about 30 seconds then I was looking for what it was and I only saw a streaking light going away, that happened in the year 1984 like in October between Masatlan and Culiacan in Mexico.

After I was surprised because I was the only one on the road and no one else came ,and after I was puzzled
of what I had seen if It was a UFO.

In 1985 the month was February(I think, or March) in Leon, Guanajuato. I was talking to some of my friends outside of a restaurant then suddenly the light of the whole city went out,then We saw a light glowing on the hills. On Those hills was a dam. That light lasted about 2-3 hours. When the light from the hills stopped the light of the whole city came back. The next day, I passed by there(on the highway)to see what had happened because I taught that something was burning but nothing was there. ***But on the hills where the light was ,there the police was there ,and didn't let anyone go there, where the light source object was.
Then that same light that illuminated Leon came back ...

*** were those sentences begin was what my mom told me

The rest of the story was my dads experience,he wanted to write his own experiences and I was looking of news for UFOs and saw where it said"if you had seen UFOs or had an experience to write"
I was translating all of what my dad said to English and told me If you have any questions to e-mail me so he can give more details or answer any questions .

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