Sunday, January 21, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFO Spotted Near Lake Tahoe

UFO Behind Trees
By Arif Khalik

     My wife and her friend were driving to Reno, Nevada on the night of January 12th and I called her to see if she was doing ok on the road because of the freezing temp that was expected that weekend all over northern Calif. She told me she was ok, but her friend Lisa and her saw something in the sky that didn’t look like any airplane. She said it was reddish and had lights along the side. I told her it had to be an airplane because there is an airport in Lake Tahoe. She said the object was on her left side and she knew what side the Tahoe airport is. They also said the object disappeared suddenly behind the trees. I asked her if it was on coming traffic since the road to Reno separates at times. The west bound traffic at different places is high above the east bound traffic. She said the freeway was next to each other in the area. She also thought the object was flying lower than large planes and higher than small planes. She has flown in both small Cessna’s and commercial planes.

Neither of the two really believe in UFO’s, but they had no idea what this was. The only thing they know is that this was not an airplane. ( No airplane beacon lights were seen even though they looked for it)

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