Thursday, January 04, 2007

My UFO Experience: Orange Flamed Colored UFO Near Belgrade Montana

UFO Over Belgrade Montana
By Terry Buchacher
Reader Reported Sighting

     Belgrade, Montana - I drive a morning delivery route in rural Montana near Belgrade and Manhattan. I get up at 2:30 am every day of the year and do this. I am not tired; this is normal for me.

This morning at 6:14 am-I noted the time because I have occasionally seen fireballs which I report to appropriate authorities- I was driving East and saw a bright object of an orange flame color with a long tail, quite long; about 7-8 times in length the size of the object. Object took 15 seconds to move from the left side of my windshield to the right, very slow, in a straight line.

The object looked, well, digital in appearance, as digitally produced flame would look. It did not look like natural flame. It was very low in the sky, about as low as an aircraft would be on approach to Gallatin field. It was silent. As I stopped the vehicle to snap a picture on my cell phone, it disappeared-vanished. It did not disintegrate or blow up as I have seen fireballs do. It vanished.

I have seen a lot of weird stuff out here in the middle of the night; an owl killing and eating a hawk in the middle of the road, a full grown mountain lion trotting down the side of a residential area road, etc. Nothing like this, ever. I called the airport authority to ask if anyone had reported anything. They said, "No", (of course not, you weirdo).

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