Monday, January 08, 2007

Green UFO Sighted Over Singapore

Green Fireball Over Singapore
Bright green light across sky surprises many in Singapore

By Valarie Tan
Channel NewsAsia

     SINGAPORE: A bright light across the sky took many Singaporeans by surprise on Sunday evening.

Callers to our hotline said that at about 7.40pm, they saw a bright green light across the evening sky.

Some described it as a shooting star; others said it was like a satellite re-entering the earth's atmosphere.

They also said it was not very high up in the sky and it had streaked over brightly from east to west.

It was over in a matter of seconds.

Viewers called us from all over Singapore – Serangoon North, Sembawang, Woodlands, Selegie Road, Bedok, Bukit Panjang and Marina South.

Ismail Yussof, one of the eyewitnesses, said: "I thought it was a comet. I was stunned, staring at the sky. A lot of people were watching it.

His son managed to record the scene with the video function of his mobile phone. "It's like an aeroplane, very big. The front is like a cannon ball, full of colours - orange, yellow, blue and green. And it went off very fast, in about 10 seconds. I could see it very clearly."

The meteorological service said it had no information on the phenomenon as it was too small to be reflected on satellite pictures. - CNA/so

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  1. Two teenage girls went for a drive in the country South East of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on Monday night June 9th, 2008. They noticed a small green light in the road ahead of them, there were no other cars in the area. As their car got closer, the light moved out of the road, across a barbed wire fence and into a field. The light kept pace with the car, approximately 40 MPH, then started to spin in circles. The girls being a little freaked out by the light decided to speed up in an effort to outrun it. The green light then crossed the fence again and flew along with the car on the passenger side for several minutes at about 60-70 MPH. As the car got closer to a populated area near Wynnewood, Oklahoma the light disappeared. The girls were reluctant to tell of their experience, and would only agree to talk about it if they could remain anonymous.


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