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The Phoenix Lights Investigative Faux Pas!

Phoenix UFO 2
By Mike Fortson

[Mike Fortson will speaking at the Aztec UFO Symposium March 23, 24, and 25th (Fri-Sat-Sun); the event functions as a fundraiser for the “Aztec Library” in this beautiful town located in the “Four Corners” area of New Mexico.]
Mike Fortson (C)     How can some of these people claim the “Phoenix Lights” case was “fairly well investigated and presented?” Do they understand that no one from MUFON AZ or Sky Watch International made written reports from witnesses? How could a case be examined without written or recorded reports? Both Richard Motzer and Bill Hamilton perceived the “5” 10 PM videos as the “holy grail” and failed to start at the beginning of the first report of unusual activity. By that I mean 8:16 in Paulden, AZ. No one started there. How about 5:30 PM at Sunset Point near Crown King, AZ? No one investigated that as well. And again thru Chino Valley, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey Wickenburg, and well into the northern most part of the Phoenix metro area. No reports. They did not do a fairly good job at all. They did nothing! In fact it was done so poorly, how can these people claim to be researchers at all?

Witnesses in the 8 o’clock hour such as myself, my wife, Tim Ley and his family, Ozma Linderman and her boy friend, Max Saracen and his wife, Stacy Rhoades, none of these people made a written report with any UfO organization—period! So how can this incident claim to be “fairly well investigated?” You have to be kidding! The media didn’t investigate. The police didn’t investigate. The only investigating that was done was the two 10 PM witnesses to the diversionary flare drop. And they both wrote books and failed to share any information. Dr Lynne was hiding in the closet for 6 or 7 years and doesn’t reveal any names of any of the many events that took place that night.

Now for some reason the media and Ufologists have settled on the premise the 2 events happened on the night of March 13, 1997, in the state of Arizona. One, the 8 o’clock events with unexplained sightings of at least 3 profoundly massive V shaped craft, a variety of orbs, a solid black triangle, and reports of a massive disk. Then we have the “diversionary” 10 PM flare drop southwest of the Phoenix area and probably not even in Maricopa County.

But what about the 5:30 PM event near Crown King; what about retired airline captain Trig Johnston’s sighting from northern Scottsdale area at app. 10:20 PM that evening? He claimed the object he and his son witnessed was over a square mile in area! And that he could land his 727 on it! Doesn’t that fit into the so-called investigation?

See, in my opinion, nearly everyone was satisfied with the late night flare drop so much, nothing else mattered. Why investigate? Why start at the beginning? We have video of a wondrous sighting…and 5 of them to boot! The diversion worked perfectly. And nearly everyone fell for it. Besides, if it isn’t on video, it probably didn’t happen, right?

What so many fail to understand is that there are thousands of witnesses in the 8:00 o’clock hour and just a handful to the 10 PM flare drop. The reason is this: the flares had to be ignited around 16,000’ altitude to be seen in the Phoenix metro area. And all 10 PM witnesses shared one thing: mountainside homes and elevated locations. Oh, and one more thing they shared. Five of them shot video of a diversionary high altitude flare drop.

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  1. Here is a personal observation that for a long time I have wanted to contribute to the "flare" debate: I have a house located about one mile south of I-10 and about six miles west of State Route 85 which is about thirty miles west of Phoenix. I have seen Air Force "decoy flares" floating in the sky on many evenings from my house. It’s easy to see the flares from my location because there are no other lights in that direction for miles. The flares are usually deployed an hour or two after dark and are always, repeat always, seen directly dead south of my house which is located thirty-six miles west of downtown Phoenix. The flares are always seen very low on the horizon. This is because they are deployed over an Air Force bombing practice range which is located about ten miles south of the town of Gila Bend which is located just about thirty-five miles south of my house. Therefore, that puts the flares more than forty-five miles directly south of my location (thirty-five miles plus ten miles). This is a testimony of just how bright those decoy flares must be even though from my house they just look like little dots of yellow light. This explains why they are always seen so low on the horizon from my house even though they are probably floating pretty high up. In fact, as you drive east of State Route 85 on I-10, they are so low that after a few miles buildings and hills get in the way or they blend in with all the other lights and light pollution in the area and soon are not visible at all. A person would have to be at least twenty or thirty miles west or southwest of Phoenix in order to see those flares and even then, the lights wouldn’t stand out enough for anyone to even take notice. To see them from the ground in a residential area would be impossible. From reading the opinions of people that insist that what everyone saw over Phoenix were "flares", one could easily get the impression that the Air Force just drops these white hot magnesium flares all-over-the-place wherever they want. Obviously they can't do that over populated areas because the fires and injuries and law-suits would never end! They can only deploy them in designated, isolated, military training areas which usually happen to be pretty far from civilian towns and living areas.
    I will admit though that the first time that I ever saw those flares, about six or seven years ago, I freaked-out and swore that they were UFOs. There were four of them in a row and they were individually slowly moving up and down. When I reported it to a Highway Patrol cop the next day, he just smiled and explained what they were. He said that the intense heat from the flares hanging under their parachutes caused a hot-air-balloon effect and made them hang in the air and move slowly up and down.


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