Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stephen Lovekin: "His Morals and Ethics are Beyond Question"

Lovekin WHASA Commendation

By Linda T. Pierce

Stephen Lovekin (Sml)     I have known Stephen Lovekin for 50 years. We went to prep school together, became good friends, and have remained friends since that time.

There seems to be a question about Stephen’s military service years ago. I was married in 1960 and Stephen came to my wedding in uniform. He was 19 years old at the time, and I happen to know this as a fact because we share the same birthday: August 1, 1940.

Stephen was a quiet and unassuming young man whose innate intelligence often enabled him to think more deeply about things than most teenagers. I have never known him to brag, to enlarge stories, or to lie. His morals and ethics are beyond question; and his compassion, concern, and incredible kindness have earned him a plethora of friends who regard him with great affection and who hold him in high esteem. There are many things that make Stephen Lovekin stand out and above the crowd and one of them is the consistency of his character and the fact that he is a true gentleman.

I find it sad that in a world so laden with trouble and with so many of our standards crashing down, that someone who exemplifies the best in human beings is subjected to such unfounded and cruel accusations. Stephen Lovekin's word alone, on any subject, is good enough for me and good enough for the countless friends and associates he has made throughout his life. In fact I would nominate him as the most desirable candidate to be cloned, simply because the world needs more people like him.

The search to verify the existence of UFOs is highly critical and holds great portent for us "Earthlings". I would think that any civilization advanced enough to develop the means to traverse the vast spaces of the Universe must have surely have solved the problems of energy sharing and given up the practices of going to war long ago. If UFOs are real, the knowledge they hold could possibly save mankind from the sure-fire self-extinction heading our way. Maybe they are just cruising around trying to decide if we are worth the energy to make their presence known. With all we might stand to gain, and in our present position perched on the threshold of worldwide disaster; it seems petty and foolish to be caught up in bickering over whose name should be on or off the UFO list. Stephen Lovekin's service in the White House has been verified over and over. He is one of a few individuals who has served at the highest level, and that fact simply cannot be disputed. It is of little relevance what rank he held in what service: the importance lies in the information he holds. If I were on that UFO and happened to see the wasted space taken up with the character assassination of a fine human being such as Stephen Lovekin, I think I'd just drop into first gear and head for another solar system. Stop the bickering and get on with the quest.

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