Friday, December 22, 2006

A Reader Shares His "Phoenix Lights" Experience

Phoenix Lights V-Shaped Craft As Seen By Tim Ley
By Ed Trejo

     Check this out! March 15th, 1997. First off all my name is bravo 13, I live in Austin Tx.

Me and my father who is a vietnam vet. He was a gunner on Huey chopper.So he's pretty familiar with aircraft.He also faced fire fights, when they did drop offs & pick ups.

Anyway, we used to go white bass fishing,every early spring when the whites were running. On this year we took 120-140 mile fishing trip,lampasses there is a state park there's a fairly shallow river,the whites come up river to spawn,we had a great day we caught over eighty whites,that whole day.By the way my dad invited one of his friends.

He is also vet,my father & him worked at the veterans administration.After a long exciting day we pact up our gear and headed out. The entrance to the park where we fished was about a mile & half.So when we left it was about 8:15pm on our way back the sun just set,we noticed two amber colored lights in the horizon , the seemed really close we estimated a quarter mile not much further.they just sat there hovering,check this out all of the sudden the 3 more balls of light started materializing right in front of our eyes it made a straight line just sitting there.I asked my dad to please stop me & sam were pleading him to stop.My father never showed fear to me in my life,i was 30yrs old.

i don't really no if it was fear ,but he seemed unsure about stopping,anyway we got out except for my dad and watched this unbelievable sight it just hung there.It seemed like they were separate but we were really unsure ,it just sat there and started flickering very slowly off and on one at a time ,when i saw the phoenix lights about 5yrs later on a t.v. show i swear to this day it looked exactly like that except for the the boomerang shape i have never seen my dad confused like that or shocked,we were all excited and defininitly defide the laws of physics as we know it.

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