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“The UFOS and The Art of The Ventilated Camouflage…”!

By Christian Macé
© 2006

Christian Macé (Sml Cropped 2)     On the wire of the decades, a constant of the procedure of the UFO was essential on the eyes of the attentive ufologists. Namely that these mysterious UFO can practise the imitation, amnesia and invisibility to be occupied with their clandestine activities…

In a preceding study entitled “This phenomenon X which disturbs our technology spatiale1”, I evoked this imitation practised in the field of the radio operator signals, dice the Fifties…

Here another kind of perfect imitation (almost):

Sector of Morez, in the Jura (France), beginning of November 1957 (or 1958), towards 23h15. Observation by a couple of teachers, a “rail-car or coach” stationing on the way of railroad; strange fact, however, the windows let filter a light red-sharp… then panic of the teachers, when they transfer the “coach” to rise slowly above the way and to come right on them to pass in silence to less than 100 m of their head! (Revue LDLN) 2.

Let us compare with another similar case: Sunday July 16, 1972, 3h10 of the morning, to 76 km of Balnearia, zone of Cordoba, Argentina. Two men drive car along a railway, observe a rectangular file of lights which they allotted to a stopped railway convoy. The lights were of a “soft orange color”! Moreover,… there was no species of light or reflectors to one or the other end of the object! And what is more remarkable, the way of the railroad passes to 10 meters of the road and not to 50 meters of this one, distance corresponding roughly to the point of parking of the “convoy”! The major importance EC case, it is that there was a manifest shortening of the voyage of the motorists! There was “a way of 81 km whose protagonists did not preserve absolutely any memory”! Drawn from “Space Phenomena”, re-examined GEPA, n°35, March 1973, p.21 with 29.

There were also other observations of “trains” in July 1972, in Argentina, but without bond with railways; even number 35 of “Space Phenomena”, p.29 & 30, “compared ufology”.

To imitate… the Moon is also another means available to the UFO to pass unperceived!

It is the adventure arrived at fire Mr. Tyrade, investigator with “Lights in the Night”, on Thursday July 9, 1970 at Évillers, in the Doubs (France), towards 22h45, and with Miss Henriette Lacoste. Both observe, low on the horizon, the enormous quite yellow “Moon” and well round. They observe it during half an hour without it appearing to go down on the horizon. Then the witnesses return on their premises!

(Revue LDLN)

After a control, this night, the true Moon was to have the form of thin growing, because old six days! It was thus not… the Moon!!!

How much witnesses could be thus deceived in the same way? From where need for carrying out… systematic checks!!!

And now, last word. Mr Paul Hill had finished a brilliant career of engineer in chief in the Research center Langley which works on behalf of NASA, and had before, makes his classes of researcher in various laboratories assigned to the civil aviation and military of the USA. In 1962, in Hampton, Virginia, towards 4 p.m., Mr. Hill was momentary on board a car which one of his/her friends drove. They rolled on Chesapeake Avenue… Mr. Hill distinguished a “airship then”, but was intrigued by his size, because this type of “airship” had disappeared from the area since beautiful lurette. Then it realized that it did not have of stabilizing ailerons, nor of empennage of tail! Let us quote Mr. Paul Hill: “A few moments later, I could read very clearly, on his blanks: GOODYEAR, written in letters of beautiful size, but in a way more lengthened than the “GOODYEAR” than I had seen several years ago on the advertising balloons of the famous company of tires”. “Then, it did without something confusing: “The strange balloon” abruptly accelerated, by emitting sparks of a yellow straw, short initially, then lengthening as it took speed, leaving behind him a light trail… In same time, it changed course and took a slope of approximately 5° compared to the horizon. It exceeded us at a fantastic speed, to disappear in the layer from black clouds in charge of storm! I am certain that this brutal progressive acceleration did not last more than 4 seconds…! ”. Thus the UFO operated a second camouflage, while positioning… in the layer of black clouds!!! It is not the first time that one noted that unquestionable UFO use the clouds as screen!!! All the same, to use inscription “GOODYEAR”… but until where these will go UFO?!!! Case draw from a study of Jean Sider, appeared in revue “Ufologia” n°16, 1st trim. 1979.

The UFO camouflaged adapt to our technology, and at present one does not count any more the UFO disguised in… laser!!!

But there too, the perspicacity of the witnesses and the investigators could make it possible to ventilate trickery!!!

To Huison-Longueville (the Essonne, France), 29.01.93; that resembles a sky, but… reversed! (the sky is another type of laser) (see revue LDLN n°316, p.31) Close of Ferté-Alais (the Essonne, France), 05.12.93; unexplainable effects for a sky! (LDLN n°322, p.7) North of Béziers (France), 26.09.93; completely unexplainable appearance (LDLN n°321, p.26 with 29) Wavrin, 10.01.94; Observation carried out… after the closing of the local discotheque! (LDLN n°322, p.13 & 14, and n°324, p.13) - (See LDLN n°327, concerning the sky and lasers). But there is better still! Tuesday evening December 14, 1993, an inhabitant of Bondoufle, commune of the Essonne (France), near Corbeil-Essonnes observes a green ray, just as the gendarmes called on the spot. In Bondoufle, there is a discotheque which emits a green laser regularly. But, for fifteen days, the laser of the discotheque… has been broken down!!! (declaration of Mr. Perreira, one of the leaders). The name of this discotheque? … “the Planet”?!!!

That is not invented!!! (See “the Parisian one”, edition of the Essonne, France,Thursday 16.12.93).

Another case of “Green Ray”: Within the framework of his investigation near contacted Corsica Michel-Angel, Jean-Pierre Chambraud, with other people, organized repeated monitorings of the sky, which proved… paying! In February 1977, they observe a “immense beam yellow-green which leaves the ground and moves in oblique towards the sky”, in full Corsica (France) maquis. Quotation: “But this immense green beam, of a diameter at least equal to three meters, how to explain it?”. Drawn from the book “Corsica, UFO bases”, by Jean-Pierre Chambraud, Édit. “Of the Rock”, 2nd trim. 1979.

Revelation of contacted Corsica Michel-Angel: “They use a product drawn from the marine salt”, p.123. At the time of a preceding study, I evoked the interest expressed by certain UFO for… salt. It can be difficult “to surprise” the UFO extractors of salt, considering their taste pronounced with the camouflage and clandestinity! It would be necessary in addition, that the witnesses are there at the good time, and the good place! And then even, the witnesses can be made amnesic by the phenomenon. How much witnesses were made amnesic in the world?

See the recent books of David Jacobs “kidnappers of another world”, Edict. “Presses of the City”, and Budd Hopkins “extraterrestrial removals”, Edict. “Of the Rock”, coll “Age of Aquarius”. It is distracting!!! That is all the more, because which says observation says perception. And it is our… brain which is concerned!

The phenomenon UFO is able to control our brains; it was seen how they operate during removals! “Reality” that we believe to perceive by our eyes, is perhaps not it! Because we can see by our télencéphale, in the same manner that we perceive the images of… our dreams! And an interference, a handling can thus take place on the level of the brain by this phenomenon UFO! In addition, one does not count any more all the observations of UFO recorded by the radars, but not seen visually!

Thus, invisibility is another means selected to dissimulate us their occupations! A standard case among others: May 13, 1967, on the landing strip of Colorado-Springs (Colorado, the USA), an UFO crosses the aerodrome to less than 60 meters of altitude. The radars record its passage; it behaves like a “plane” with the radar, but… invisible with the naked eye! Case evoked in the Condon report/ratio, University of Colorado. See the book “foreigners of space”, by Donald Keyhoe, edict. “France-Empire”.

In conclusion, one can say that the average employees by the UFO for their dissimulations… are not infallible!!! The weak point of the imitation lies… in the way of disappearing - noted by the attentive and perspicacious witnesses: for example, brutal disappearances of the “coach” of the Jura, and “balloon GOODYEAR” of Virginia! The practice of hypnosis makes it possible to update the amnesia caused artificially by the phenomenon! Our radars can detect their invisible presences in our eyes!

Ouf! All is not lost!

There remain to us still resources!!!

* Rough Translation From French

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