Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dr. Botta and the Flying Saucer

BY BJ Booth
American Chronicle

BJ Booth     Many reports of UFO encounters made by single individuals are often given little weight by most investigators. However, when that one person is of high esteem and credibility, the case is given much weight. Such is the case with an Alien encounter that occurred in 1950 in South America. The lone witness was Dr. Enrique Caretenuto Botta, who passed his incredible story on to Horacio Gonzales G. in Caracas at a UFO conference in 1955. Dr. Botta would soon give permission to Horacio G. to relate the story to famed UFO researcher Leon Stringfield. The researcher would release the details of the Botta encounter in his book, "Situation Red."

At the time of the encounter, Dr. Botta was a man of 40 years old. He was well educated and respected by all who knew him. He was an ex-war pilot and aeronautical engineer. He was employed as an architectural engineer working with a well known company in Caracas in 1950. His job had placed him in Argentina working on a large construction project when he would be involved in the most bizarre event of his life.

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