Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Australia: UFO Reported Over Victoria

UFO Over Victoria
Mystery lights reported second night in a row

The Age

     For the second night in a row residents in western Victoria have reported seeing a bright light in the sky.

Residents at Ballarat, west of Melbourne, said they saw something that looked like a UFO after spotting an orange-coloured light in the sky about 10pm yesterday.

The object hovered for more than one minute. But one resident said it could have been a model helicopter.

"A lot of guys fly night choppers here and they have the LCD lights around the blades and they have lights all down the boom and tail rotor," the man, identified only as Ian, told Southern Cross Broadcasting.

"These models can hover and they can go from zero to about 100 kph in a few seconds."

On Monday night, people in South Australia and western Victoria deluged police and media with reports of a spectacular meteor sighting.

Police in SA said they took calls from just after 8pm (CST) on Monday from Renmark and Loxton in the Riverland, most Adelaide suburbs and then from people living south of the city, with reports of something looking like a fireball in the sky.

In Victoria, callers to ABC Radio from Bendigo to Horsham in the state's north-west down to Colac in the south-west, reported seeing a bright green coloured object shooting westward in the sky.

A South Australia Police spokesman said later that the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the object seen on Monday night was a meteor.

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  1. These events seem so easy to explain, however sometimes whilst these public events are occurring, simultaneously in regards to certain individuals, other events are happening which when all put together provide a more interesting picture....


    this pdf file is a short reminder of an event which ocurred in Adelaide in 1964- I was there and can vouch for there being another dimension to it all...there is "story" to that and if anyone is interested I could write something about it...

    Anyway, "cheers" to all.

  2. Hi all,
    I was in Adelaide on Friday the 20th, 2 days ago. I saw a "man" walking along one of the streets that just didnt look right, and I have never seen someone look like this. He stared right thru me - I had my MUFON shirt on at the time, but he was approx 6ft5, very pale, almost too perfect complection.
    I saw him for many seconds, looked away, but he was staring at me again when i looked back, although he kept walking straight ahead.
    He had dark wraparound sunnies on, and i didnt notice any body hair, and he was wearing a cap.
    This guy freaked me out, so much that i didnt want to return to my hotel with him watching. I looked back a third time, but he had dissapperared.
    Would be interested in your thoughts,
    Cheers, Kat


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