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UFO Over Granada
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     It was seen at midnight over Avenida de la Constitucion by a dozen people. Astrophysicists believe that it is not a meteorite. Defense sources claim that no vehicle belonging to the Ejercito del Aire flew over the city's airspace at that time.

The object seen was shiny and rounded: "It was fixed in the sky and then began moving to the right." These are the words of one of the people who, at 12 midnight yesterday, were astounded as they looked skyward from Avenida de la Constitucion.

A round, shiny orange light remained overhead for five minutes. It later adopted a triangular shape and went away until it vanished. Dozens of Granadans viewed the event in astonishment. After a while, one witness saw and heard the transit of a jet airplane flying at low altitude. "It flew by twice."

However, neither Granada Airport nor the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, headquartered in Granada, are aware of this event. Pablo Santos, a scientist with the aforementioned institute, has examined the images sent to "20 Minutos" by one witness and believes the phenomenon could be an atmospheric reflection. The expert dismisses the possibility that it could be a meteor shower or a meteorite. Antonio Salinas of the Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofisicas in Granada, agrees with this perception: "A meteorite does not remain static for several minutes," adding: "In military circles, interceptors are immediately put on alert whenever an unidentified aircraft is sighted within the air space."

"It was nothing known; not even an airplane," declared Eva Martin cuttingly. She was one of the persons who witnessed on Tuesday midnight how an orange light stopped in front of home's terrace, changed shape and vanished. Other readers have advised "20 Minutos" of having had similar sightings elsewhere in the city.

"The fact that he orange light remained in the same spot for some minutes and then moved is a sign that we are facing a genuine UFO." These are the words of Rafael Casares, an expert in this type of phenomena, who describes the province as being a "sightings hot spot."

"Perhaps what concerns me more than the light is the fact that we heard a military aircraft and that no one explained to us what we saw," says Martin, who was in the company of four other individuals who witnessed "how the light vanished over Torres Bermejas."

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* (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

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  1. I can see this UFO with my family.
    4 Oct 2006 from 00h to 00:30 local time
    (22:00 to 22:30 UTC)
    In Granada city, Spain.
    Point view:
    Lat 37º 10' 51"N
    Long 3º 35' 36" W

    The UFO are stopped on the vertical of the ALHAMBRA ,(in Granada city) about 10 or 15 minutes.
    The look it same are fire ball.
    Not sound, not flash ligth.
    And in the beginner it is very big ( about quater of the moon size)
    before change the size and the position very slowly..
    And finaly go to South-east direction over the Sierra Nevada montain.. size about same of the Satellite but orange colour.
    I can see this UFO with my "prismaticos" ,I not have the photo camera on this time, Sorry.

    But some people take photos from another place on Granada city and public on the news..
    My family and me not earing some airplane to fly in Granada.
    Also this UFO remember another UFO fly in Granada city on 27 de Nov 1999 , about 22.30h (local time)
    I can see with 2 person more..
    The UFO fly more high speed but (like some airplane speed) about 5 or 8 minutes.
    Fly form North- West to South - east direction,(NOT Stopped) and and also pass over the Alhambra.
    I can see two ligth , one small ( same look at star ) and one big (same look at fire ball)
    the two ligh have same direction , speed and position . the small in the beginner and the big are on the back.
    In between it is black, I can not see nothig ( also a used the prismaticos to see)
    Also some people can see the same UFO and coment on the LOCAL news paper.

    These two UFO 4 Oct06 and 27 NoV99 are similar look: fire ball and direcction, not sound, not excesive Speed, not strange movement.

    I hope to next time have a photo camera ready to used !!

    P.D: Sorry I can speak Spanish only !


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