Wednesday, September 20, 2006

UFO Hunter Makes Contact...With Host of Guest Speakers

STILL the debate goes on about Roswell – the most famous incident in UFO history.

Leeds Today

Maurizio-Baiata (Sml)     Is there anything more to be said about the alleged recovery in 1947 of a crashed space craft and occupants in New Mexico?

Well, yes, there is – and a Leeds audience will be the ones to hear it.

An Italian researcher called Maurizio Baiata will reveal secrets to the Great British UFO Show in Headingley next month.

He is one of nine speakers brought together by UFO DATA magazine, published from an office in Kippax, east Leeds.

Editor Russell Callaghan, a deputy Post Office manager in his other life, said: "Something happened at Roswell and it has been very well cleansed over the years.
"The US military has changed its story three times as people have come forward with new information.

"I think people are going to be surprised by Maurizio's lecture and his new information about Col Philip J Corso who wrote a book in 1996 called The Day After Roswell.

"In this he claimed that inventions like integrated circuits and fibre optics were developed from what was found after the crash at Roswell.

"Maurizio was the first man to interview him before the publication of his book and he wrote notes in his diaries. He is bringing them with him and will share them with the people of Leeds.

"The big stuff about Roswell is out in the open but some of the smaller stuff is interesting as well."

A well-known UFO sceptic, Andy Roberts, hjas been lined up to talk about his investigations into so-called "foo fighters" – mysterious craft which buzzed both Allied and Axis aircraft during the Second World War.

"His conclusion is that the origin of the foo fighters is unknown," said Russell. "There is no evidence that they were secret German weapons. In fact, there is more evidence to suggest they were UFOs than that they were Nazi craft."

Among other speakers are Tony Coppin of Selby who has video footage of UFO encounters; and Odd-Gunnar Roed from Norway who will discuss the UFO experience in Scandanavia.

The UFO Show will be staged at the Leeds Rugby League Supporters Club on October 21 and 22. Tickets are £15 a day or £25 for two days and there are a few left.
Visitors are coming from all over the world.

"The show will demonstrate that UFOs are still here and that research into them is far from dead," said Russell.

"Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, said in a History Channel documentary this year that all three astronauts on board Apollo 11 observed a UFO shadowing their mission."

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