Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Close Encounters at Marion

UFO Seen From Bus
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UFO sightings in South Australia have taken off, with dozens of people reporting close encounters to the Australian Cosmic Connection hotline.
     ACC director Kevin Robb said extraterrestrial encounters in the state were “going crazy”, with Waitpinga, Semaphore, Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills the top places to spot ET activity.

“Sightings are coming in all the time, from north to south to east to west,” Mr Robb said.

“There seems to be a glut of it at the moment.”

Silver discs, strange flashing lights and cigar-shaped orange craft are among the sightings reported to the 24-hour hotline.

Hundreds of people are expected to discuss the phenomenon at a UFO evening tomorrow night at the Marion Sports and Recreation Centre. Registration begins at 6.30pm.

UK author and UFO expert Timothy Good will be the guest speaker, and will launch his book Need to Know: UFOs, the military and intelligence.

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