Wednesday, August 02, 2006

UFOs Spotted Near Macachín

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[The following message was received this morning from Argentinean journalist and UFO researcher Quique Mario, director of the Centro de Estudios UFO (CEUFO) group and one of his country's foremost experts in cattle mutilations and the enigmatic disappearance of large quantities of water from pools, water towers and other locations during "saucer flaps". We hope you'll find this of interest--Ed.]

Greetings - I'm bringing to your attention two episodes that took place in La Pampa this weekend.

The first one was recorded at 19:10 hrs. and was witnessed by a resident from the locality of Macachín who was traveling toward Carhué, Province of Buenos Aires. He was driving his vehicle in a west to east direction when he saw a "strange flash" through the rear view mirror. At first he thought it was another vehicle but when he lost it from sight, he pulled over and got out of the car. On doing so, he saw an astonishing sight: heading in a N-S direction at 30º was a white-colored object having the relative size of "a tennis ball." Seconds later, the strange light divided into three spheres--two of them reddish--which continued along the same trajectory until they vanished altogether.

The second episode: Yesterday, Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 20:05, after putting my car in the garage, I was walking in a S-N direction toward my house when I saw a strange sphere that suddenly "blazed" in the sky at 45 degrees to my left. The sky was clear in advance of the tremendous ice storm that fell in early hours of the morning (temperatures recorded at -10 Centigrade). The sighting lasted only a few seconds; I had barely recovered from the surprise when it repeated once more for another few seconds. I asked a neighbor walking along the path if he'd seen anything, but he replied no. Evidently, my penchant for looking skyward rewarded me in this case.

* (translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Quique Mario, CEUFO)

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