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". . . The Co-Author of The Canadian UFO Report Says He Knows UFOs Are Out There"

Something's out there: Rutkowski

The Winnipeg Sun

Chris Rutkowski (Sml)      The truth is out there.

Though Chris Rutkowski has never seen a UFO himself, the co-author of The Canadian UFO Report says he knows UFOs are out there.

"I have spoken to many astronomers, pilots, and air traffic controllers who have seen things that can not be explained," said Rutkowski, "so I know these objects exist. Whether or not they are from outer space is another question."

Rutkowski maintains a national database, started in 1989, which stores more than 5,000 Canadian UFO sighting reports dating back to 1663 when missionaries saw fiery serpents in the sky over what is now Montreal. Despite these testimonials, Rutkowski admits there is no hard evidence of aliens visiting Earth from other planets.

Rutkowski receives hundreds of reports each year. In 2005 alone there were 763 reported UFO sightings from across the country.

Rutkowski's interest in UFOs began while he was studying astronomy in university in the 1970s. In 1975, a red fiery ball dubbed Charlie Redstar was reportedly seen flying over Carman, Man., every single night throughout that summer. Since no one seemed interested in studying the phenomenon, Rutkowski became involved.

"Something about it intrigued me," said Rutkowski.

Rutkowski claims one of the most intriguing cases in Canadian UFO history happened right here in Manitoba.


On May 20, 1967, Stephan Michalak reportedly took a walk in the bush near Falcon Lake where he encountered two unidentified flying objects which changed both in form and colour.

One of the objects landed nearby and Michalak said he approached it hearing voices coming from inside.

Michalak said he moved close enough to the object to touch it when it abruptly rotated, leaving Michalak face to face with some kind of exhaust system which blew hot air out, setting Michalak's shirt and undershirt on fire.

Michalak immediately returned home to Winnipeg and checked into Misericordia Hospital suffering from burns and severe headaches and nausea. Reports say some radiation contamination was found at the site but the incident has never been explained.

Believing the truth may be out there, Rutkowski continues to gather UFO information on a volunteer basis.

He and his co-author, Geoff Dittman, have gleaned more than 50 of the best stories from the database for their book, which they released on Aug 1.

Anyone looking to report their own sightings can contact them at canadianuforeports@hotmail.com.

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