Sunday, July 23, 2006

". . . A UFO Crash-Landed In Dense Woodland Near The American Air Force Base of Woodbridge . . ."

UFO in Rendlesham Forest

By Tony Stewart
The Mirror

     NOBODY can say with any certainty that what happened on one foggy winter's night more than two decades ago is true, but many believe it to be.

For like the haunting burial grounds of Anglo-Saxon kings, swashbuckling tales of piracy off its coast and eerie fables of rural witchcraft, the celebrated visit of extra-terrestrials has become part of Suffolk's rich folklore.

While it's accepted that thousands of visitors flock into this beautiful region of England, few would have expected aliens to travel through galaxies to experience its many delights.

Known as "The Rendlesham Forest Incident", it's claimed that on Boxing Day 1980, a UFO crash-landed in dense woodland near the American air force base of Woodbridge, close to the coast.

Witnesses claim that 3ft-tall "aeronaut entities" (that's spacemen to us) emerged, looking like "kids in snowsuits". Spooky.

An airman has since thrown doubt on "Britain's Roswell" - a reference to the famous incident in New Mexico in 1947 when it's alleged a flying saucer came down in the desert. He claims it was nothing more than an elaborate hoax, even if many locals still believe in the UFO sighting.

Some might argue that any spaceship's awayday would be to somewhere a little more exotic than Suffolk, but many others would claim our alleged alien visitors got it spot on.

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