Tuesday, June 13, 2006

UFO Review # 16 is Ready For Consumption!

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By Stuart Miller

Stuart Miller 2     The latest issue of UFO Review, issue 16, is now available at WWW.UFOREVIEW.NET. As usual, either of the two top left hand buttons depending on whether you want it in PDF or Word. And also as usual, a truly splendiferous edition of intellectualtransgression, abject nonsense, stimulating humour, and profound observation. And all remarkably topical too.

And in this issue we have:
1. Conference reminder
2. "I’m A Bastard Crop Circle Faker Maker, A Government Agent, And A Serious Pain In The Ass (for Special Branch)"

One of the long forgotten men of Ufology, Matthew Williams is still alive and well and living down in Devizes. These days a much overlooked figure, he was the man who busted the crop circle myth wide open, made one or two researchers look a
little stupid in the process, and who’s evidence has been ignored ever since. And he was also the man who decided to get into Rudloe Manor, uninvited, and have a look around for himself. Those types of Direct Action days are now long gone;
more’s the pity. Fascinating interview with a Ufological warrior.

3. "Separated at birth #2" Amazing physical similarities between people in Ufology and people who aren't.

4. Robert Barrow’s review of Wendy Connors' Night Journeys in Ufology: 1974-1977 Case Recordings, National UFO Reporting Center (Seattle WA), Vol 01

5. "Alien Autopsy Footage Apparently Not Real!! Cripes."

6. "Condign Report – Interview with Joe McGonagle" The inside story from one of the men on the err inside. What it’s like discovering a new secret document and what it’s like facing the media with it

7. "There’s A Rock Out There With Our Name On It" A look at the problem of rogue asteroids and what can be done about it. Interview with Italian Professor Palaeo Ontology

8. “A Saucerful of Secrets”: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of UFO Experiences"
The Journal of American Folklore article which has caused such a furore. Read it here.

9. The Daily Spurt - Filey man is a real life alien hybrid Staggering scientific discovery here in the UK

10. The Light Fantastic Meticulous article from Kithra on orbs and rods

11. Documentbusters – review of a new film from director Crass Parr
12. Chris Rolfe’s FOIA re the Burmarsh incident Michael Howard hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since.

All this and a few cartoons thrown in just for good measure, all for the princely sum of zilch.

More . . .

See Also: "Stuart Miller, Cheshire's Foremost Commentator on The Ongoing Search For Extra Terrestrial Life"


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