Monday, June 19, 2006

" . . . 75 Percent of The Population Up There Have Been Seeing These UFOs . . ."

No shortage of action for local UFO hunter

Embracing the paranormal is a concept that is alien to most people, but not Barb Campbell

By John B. Spigott
Lloydminster Meridian Booster

Barb Campbell (Sml)     Embracing the paranormal is a concept that is alien to most people, but not Barb Campbell.

Campbell is an independent researcher and investigator who established the Saskatchewan Paranormal Research Centre in Maidstone nearly two years ago. She recently returned from a trip to Waterhen Lake, a community about four hours north of Prince Albert, where tales of strange lights and close encounters have been talked about for years and recently have become more and more prevalent.

“The situation in Waterhen Lake is that there has been a number of sightings from April 4 to May 23,” said Campbell. “What makes this unique is that 75 per cent of the population up there have been seeing these UFOs and there’s 1,600 people up there. So not only is it the amount of people which makes it credible, but there was video footage captured.”

Campbell said the objects captured on film are very distinctive, and eyewitnesses she talked to said the same thing.

“One person saw eight to nine, other witnesses saw more, but he said it looked like two frisbees on top of one another with orange in the middle,” said Campbell. “What they were doing was alternating heights on the lake as if they were doing something, than they would take off and more would come in their place. So, something is going on with the water in the lake.

“It was incredible. There was no noise either ... something very, very weird is going on up there.”

Poor weather conditions worked against Campbell when she went to Waterhen Lake to see the phenomenon for herself, as a storm rolled in while she was there, preventing her from getting as good a feel for the area as she would have liked. As well, due to work commitments, Campbell was only in the area for about a day, but still managed to take positives out of the poor weather while she was there.

“There has also been stories in the past of animal mutilations during storms, so you never know,” said Campbell. “I don’t know if there’s a connection between the strange lights and the animal mutilations, but it’s something we are considering as a possibility.”

Nearly a year ago to the day, on June 10, 2005, a farmer near Paradise Hill reported a cow mutilation in his pasture. The udder was gone, one eye and ear had been removed and the sex organs had been torn away. There were no tire tracks or footprints and a glaring lack of blood despite the numerous incision.

Campbell said website response has been high, and although reports have been coming in from a number of different areas, the Lloydminster area has its share as well.
“There have been reports around Marshall and Marsden of triangles and strange red lights,” said Campbell. “It’s been wild, and it has been some time since one was reported, but there were several that came through the website.”

Campbell said as soon as she’s able, she would like to take a week to go back to Waterhen Lake and set up surveillance cameras on both sides of the lake.

“As well, I would like to collect statements from more people, I was only able to talk to a couple and I would say there’s over 1,000 people who have seen something, so I have a lot of work to do,” she said.

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