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UFOs Witnessed Over Terrace B.C.

UFOs Over Terrace B.C.
Something was in the sky over Terrace on April 24

Terrace Standard

     TERRACE'S REPUTATION as a UFO sighting hot spot continues thanks to two independent reports from two couples who both saw mysterious lights in the sky the evening of April 24.

The lights were described as blue-coloured balls with tails coming out the back, says Houston, B.C.-based UFO researcher Brian Vike.

Vike, one of North America's leading UFO researchers, said having two independent reports makes the occurrence all that more tantalizing.

"In the first report there were three balls and in the second, two. Whether one was behind the other then, I don't know," he continued.

The sightings were at about the same time - shortly after 7:30 p.m. - as well and the weather conditions that evening were excellent.

"That this took place during daylight makes it very interesting," Vike said.
The first couple was on Munroe St. on the Bench and the second in the arena parking lot. Their sightings were toward the south. Neither reported a sound coming from the respective objects.

"They moved together, silently through the sky from our right to our left sides," reported the wife of the first couple's observation.

"They were fast, but slow enough that we both could say 'Do you see that?' and look back."

The woman added that she would not have told anyone but that her husband "is a non-believer of anything, and even he saw it."

The husband of the second couple said their sighting looked like flares or a welding spark.

"One large one and a smaller one underneath. I jumped out of the truck and said, 'Did you see that?' and she said 'yes,'" he said of his wife.

"[It] was kind of spooky. Never seen anything like this before in my life - probably never again," the man continued.

Vike welcomes information from anybody else who saw something in the sky shortly after 7:30 p.m. on April 24.

Terrace at one time ranked near the top of UFO sightings for all of Canada.

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