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Synopsis of The 2006 Aztec UFO Symposium
By Suzanne Ramsey

Aztec Crash Site
     If you have never been to this part of the country, allow me to give you a snap shot.

The northwest corner of New Mexico is what is called a “high desert”. Over a mile high in elevation with three rivers meeting at this point (Tres Rios). Aztec has all 4 seasons but rarely sees temperatures over 100 degrees and on the rare occasion that it snows it is comfortably melted by noon. There are gigantic cottonwood trees, a blend of adobe and Victorian style homes, majestic bluffs and a quaint downtown area. It is downtown where you can enjoy a variety of delicious delights from Thai Food, Quiche, Down Home Cooking and…some of the best green chili stew you will ever taste!

The City of Aztec is currently doing some road construction downtown and on the highways to accommodate current needs as well as to beautify.

Aztec has two adjoining sister towns that due to area growth almost run continuously into each other. Farmington being the largest of the three and Bloomfield located to the south, all within a 20 miles radius.

It is in the Four Corners Region which is the only place in the country where you can put your hands feet in four states all at the same time (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah).

Aztec LibraryThe symposium began nine years ago and remains a fundraiser to build and support a new public library in Aztec. As severally undersized and overused as the old library was, it provided volumes of needed services to the community. I am happy to report that last September the new library was completed and opened its doors to the public. During this years symposium was the first time that many of the speakers, attendees and I had seen the completed project. What a treat!

This symposium has been a successful group effort. The City of Aztec, State Legislators, committed loyal volunteers, contributors, guest speakers (who have donated their time and talents) as well as attendees of the symposium have joined together in this effort creating a first class (non-profit) event.

Frank Feschino Jr (Sml)Frank C. Feschino, Jr. We were in for an unexpected pleasure by meeting up with Frank on the flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Albuquerque with an additional 7 hour layover (due to mechanical problems) in Albuquerque before heading to Farmington.

It was one of those opportunities that you could complain about…. Or really enjoy….we really enjoyed it. It gave Scott and Frank the time to go in to depth about their combined research of 24 years. Although the two are very different personalities, their passion for truth is consistent.

Frank’s research began on Crop Circles but quickly moved to the Braxton County Monster Incident that occurred near Flatwoods, West Virginia September of 1952.

At the symposium Frank’s presentation began with his self produced and narrated documentary film. The production demonstrated his attention to details in field investigation and historical research as well as his training in illustration and art skills.

His book The Braxton County Monster- The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed and additional information about Frank is available at

Coming soon the new expanded and revised Author’s Edition Shoot Them Down, The Flatwoods Monster Incident.

Friday brought what seemed like an International Incident to the Hardback Book Store on Main Street.

Friendly faces of Speakers, UFO Enthusiasts, and Media Representatives from all over the world strolled in for a casual book signing and wine tasting from a local Vineyard, Wines of the San Juan.

EBE AwardJust about dinner time, two blocks away, the Meet and Greet got started. It was extra special this year with opening remarks from Jim Berwanger of Fox-TV Los Angeles and the arrival of the two EBE Awards that the Aztec 1948 Documentary had won the year before. (Fulfilling a promise given at the 2005 symposium, movie promoter Tim Crawford of UFOTV had made that as soon as the awards were available that they would be on display at the new Aztec Library.)

Paul Davids (Sml)In addition to the speakers, joining the roundtable discussions were Movie Producer Paul Davids and Documentary Film Producer Robert Nicole.

A taste of wonderful local restaurants, great conversation and a sampling from each speaker was a great kick off to the weekend.

Dennis Balthaser (Sml 2)Dennis Balthaser was a home run hit with his presentation on Scrutinizing Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases and the Pyramids of Giza. When I say a home run hit, I am speaking literally. Dennis has been involved 8 of the symposiums. He has generously supported the Aztec Library in many ways. The last two years he has served as the emcee, but as a devoted researcher who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough questions, we asked if he would again share his research as a speaker.

(Several people mentioned to me that they enjoyed his presentation so much that they were going to order the video tape of his presentation to again enjoy it later.)

We are so grateful to Dennis for his support. (It is difficult for me to decide who I look more forward to seeing, if it is Dennis or his lovely wife Deb!)

Linda Moulton Howe (Sml)Linda Moulton Howe was dynamite! Due to some technical difficulties she was unable to give the presentation that was scheduled. Always the consummate professional, instead she shared valuable information of interviews and investigations she has gathered.

This woman has traveled the world, committed to gathering and sharing information as a reporter, author and researcher. She is one of those talented people who “doesn’t just talk about it…she lives it”. These “hands on” experiences were a gift during her presentation at the symposium.

When she had finished her presentation I mentioned to the audience how much we appreciated Linda having adapted to the situation and having headed in a new direction for her presentation. During the rest of the symposium I had several people pull me aside and say that her presentation was fascinating and the best presentation that she had ever given.

For information about Linda see

Andrew Kissner (Sml)J. Andrew Kissner after several years of having combed his research, having listened to Scott talk about him and visiting with Andy by phone…I finally had the pleasure of meeting him.

A former New Mexico State Representative from Las Cruces who has an amazing resume and experience in business and industry is also very accomplished in the field of research. Having worked closely with the Schiff Investigation as well as gathering information from high ranking officials at White Sands this was the first time Andy publicly provided information pertaining to why the US Government has covered up and denies the existence of UFO’s.

Believe me the time allotted was not sufficient to cover this intense topic.

Aztec Crash Site 2
With day time temperatures in the 70’s, Crash Site Tours were given by Randy Barnes and Scott Ramsey. First time and repeat visitors as well as media groups made the trek to the site. Whether you believe a UFO crashed on the mesa or not, it is well worth the 12 mile drive and hike to see an amazing view of the blankets of snow covering the LaPlata Mountains. Simply breathtaking!

Stan Friedman (Sml)Stanton Friedman. (period)…. Enough said.

(Okay, I’ll say just a little bit more…)

The man who has set the bar for quality credibility and research in Ufology joined us again this year covering a new topic UFO VS SETI or Science vs. Pseudoscience.

With all of the misinformation and poorly researched information floating around, Stanton always clearly defines fact from fiction. Regardless of your knowledge of the topic – be it limited or vast, you walk away empowered with usable information.

With the non-stop lecture schedule that he keeps, we are grateful for Stan’s loyalty and presence with the Aztec Library and symposium.

Paul Davids (Med)Movie producer, writer, director and UFO witness Paul Davids from California was on hand and showed his new movie Sci Fi Boys. A fascinating film time - lining the development of science fiction over the years with special appearances by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. It was a hit! People of all ages really seemed to enjoy it.

(You may recall the 1994 highly acclaimed movie Roswell that Paul co-wrote and produced.)

He is President of Yellow Hats Production.

Scott Ramsey (Sml)Scott Ramsey (along with being my personal favorite speaker) (and my husband) caught the audience up on new revelations regarding the UFO crash/landing of March 1948.

When he first became interested in this incident, he felt that he would be able to document whether it had actually occurred or if it was a legend with in 6 months. Now 19+ years of research later details continue to unfold on a regular basis.

Scott is currently working on a book which layer by layer demonstrates through documentation that support the crash and how the crash/land has had a dramatic impact on how we live in the world today.

It is really a joy to watch as he documents this important piece of history.

For information on the documentary regarding this crash can be found at

Scott can be reached at

Scotty Littleton (Sml)C. Scott Littleton, PhD is currently a Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus.

But that is only the tip of his resume. An Internationally recognized expert in comparative Indo European mythology and folklore, Japanese Religion Arthurian, Holy Grail Legend, theories of the late French mythologist Georges Dumezig and the implications of the UFO Phenomenon.

My time with him was very limited, but boy do I wish I would have had more of a chance to sit and visit with Scott.

With the variety of cultures that he has studied, it is comforting to see that the UFO experience is neither a regional or recent development.

Having authored numerous books, his latest piece of work, which is a science fiction novel Phase Two

Concerning UFO’s and alien abductions can be found with the publisher Invisible College Press.

All of that said…he was a witness to the “Battle of Los Angeles”! This is what he spoke of at the symposium.

See what I mean, he is one of those folks that you would just like to “hang out” with and absorb info.

Traveling from British Columbia was award winning director/cinematographer Robert Nicole with his

Documentary Star Dreams about Crop Circles. This is the 1st of a 6 part series of films about the preparation for ET contact.

Robert can be reached at or at

UFOetry a Music Video 2006 Award Winning rock band from Hollywood performed one evening.

Not only are these gentlemen “great guys” but they really spiced up the symposium.

Talented vocally and musically, their focus is to encourage the viewer to “think out of the box”.

For information in UFOetry go to

It was great to see everyone and leave with our heads swirling with information.

Having attended several symposiums through out the country, Aztec will always have a special place in my heart. It is the opportunity to relax and share in an intimate setting.

Thank you again to the many volunteers, sponsors and speakers who have donated their time and talents to this wonderful cause.

To order DVD’s of any of the speaker presentations of the 2006 Aztec UFO Symposium contact

Damian Jaquez at 505-860-7095 or

For information re: the Aztec Symposium

The 'Aztec Incident' Revisited:
- Part One -

See Also: Classified OSI Document—Aztec UFO Crash—1950!


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