Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tourist Photographs UFOs Over Pyramids - Similar To That of 'Pyramid Cam'

UFO Over Pyramid 3-30-06 (D)
By Piotr Cielebias
NOL - Polish UFO Journal

     Andrzej Kierski [a Pole] during his trip to Egypt took a photo presenting unknown objects that were invisible for him. Anyway he mentioned about an unknown flash in his camera when he took photos of an Egyptian soldier on a camel. It isn't known whether the light has something in common with those round objects.

Andrzej Kierski's relation:
"I send you two photos taken in Egypt on 11th February 2005 at 08:01 a.m. The pose of a soldier on a camel seemed to be interesting for me. I took photos at 08:01, one after another, with a short [maybe 5 - 10 sec.] break. The photo without round marks I took as the first one.

UFO Over Pyramid 3-30-06 (A)
Something flashed in my camera. I look up at the sky annoyed. I didn't see anything. I then took another one [photo]. At first I noticed the mark between the soldier and a bird. I thought that it was surely some dirt on a lens of my camera. I was more absorbed with taking the photo than with analyzing the source of the camera malfunction. This is all about these 2 pictures. I examined them when I returned.

UFO Over Pyramid 3-30-06 (B)

UFO Over Pyramid 3-30-06 (C)
The first one - that with a "flash" - seemed strange to me. There were no clues indicating the origin of that flash. I must add that the "flash" was very intense. I can state that it was almost "blinding". I thought that nothing would be visible [on the photos]. Watching the photo in the hotel I noticed that one of them is clear. There was a little problem with another one. What that mark was? Then I discover another one, etc.

Origin of first circle (and most visible one) can be explained in a some way but what about the other ones. Moreover, they created a "regular" geometric form. Just a coincidence?"
* Source: NPN - www.npn.ehost.pl

* Special thanks to: Mr. Andrzej Kierski.

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UFO Caught By 'Pyramid Cam'

UFO Over Pyramid By Pyramid Cam


     This image [follow "more link" below to see image] captured on Mar 23, 2006 at 14:34:04 shows an object near the tip of Khafre that is highly reflective and exhibits structure. It is difficult to determine, however, if it exists on the image in the foreground, or is positioned at or behind the pyramid. Although the center portion looks round in this image, the image captured at 14:33:17 (47 seconds earlier) is squarish in shape.

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