Thursday, April 13, 2006

POLAND: UFO Taped Over Lublin

by: Piotr Cielebias
NOL - Polish UFO Journal

     On 8th day of February 2005, Mr. Dariusz M. saw by a window of his house a strange object suspended in the sky. After a while another one appeared so the amazed witness grasped a video camera and began recording.

When he realized that the observed phenomenon is a something rather unusual, he decided to notify the Army so he stopped filming for a while and called a local base. He stated: "I said that I was observing two completely incredible flying objects. A military man that responded the call at first asked me from which city I called and where it was going on. When I told him about everything he began ignoring the whole case telling me that he had hear about similar things in TV etc."

The call lasted several minutes and then the witness began filming the phenomenon again. After some time he took another one call. In the meantime he was observing it with binoculars. Finally he managed to take a 1-minute long video.

UFO over Lublin,  Poland [2005] 2
The observation lasted about 20 minutes and during all the time UFOs were suspended in the air, one above another. Then one of them flew away with high speed and after several second the witness lost it from his view. The observer didn't notice the disappearance of the second craft because he lost it from his eyes for a while and when he looked up again, it was no longer there and skies were clear.

UFOs were disc-shaped and metallic in color what can be seen on the video. Dariusz claims that he noticed a white glow emitting beams around objects when he was observing it with binoculars. It seemed that discs are joined together and exchange energy. He also claims that after the sightings some strange things began going on in his house, i.e. lightbulbs were broken, his cell phone wasn't working and several days after taking the film he noticed that a unknown to him black car was parked near his house all the night.

After some time when the phenomena ceased astonishing news emerged. It turned out that an anonymous military man confirmed the observation. He claimed that there was a report and even attempts were made in order to localize the objects with radars. Allegedly nothing unusual was noticed over Lublin but anonymous informer told that an UFO object was detected over Konopnica [located several km away].

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