Monday, April 17, 2006

POLAND: Car Lifted Up By UFO

UFO Beam on Car
by: Piotr Cielebias
NOL - Polish UFO Journal

Masurian Lakes Region, June [year unknown], afternoon.
     Mrs. Hanna Wisniewska was an UFO - skeptic being assured that the whole affair is just a hoax. Anyway she and her husband witnessed a rare UFO - related event. Unfortunately the exact year of this incident is unknown [but we may assume that it took place in the previous century]. It took place in Masuria Lakes Region in Northern Poland. At the moment nothing is known about possible "missing time" experience.

Mrs. Hanna Wisniewska's relation:
It was the first day of my vacation. Along with my husband we went on a trip to my parents' house who live in a small village in Suwalszczyzna [region of Suwalki city, northern part of Poland - NOL]. After two hours of the journey, I dozed off. Some noise woke me up and then I could hear a sound of rain falling on a hood of our Polonez [a Polish car; also Polish traditional dance - NOL]. Then a storm began. Marek slowed. It was hard to see the road in front of us due to a wall of a torrent rain. I swore calmly.

Masurian roads aren't in very good condition and moreover that storm… Minutes were passing and we were slowly moving forward. And suddenly something strange occurred. In a fraction of a second we found ourselves on a dry part of the road. Somewhere in the distance thunders were heard and was raining but in a distance of 20 meters there were no raindrops. I peered by the car window. The sky above us was bright and clear, without clouds.

"What's the hell - Marek told. It is impossible." Before I said something the engine stopped. Marek tried to start it but he wasn't even able to turn the key. At one moment I felt that I'm rising up and wheels of the car stop to bounce on a rough road surface."

We were hovering over the road. I got mad and my heart began thumping with fear. I opened the window and after a while some unbelievable brightness blinded me. I believed that someone is shining with a very strong reflector directly into my eyes. It lasted several seconds, the light vanished and I noticed then some round, huge and flat object. It looked like a giant coin. It was hovering silently across a meadow next to the road. It [the UFO] rose up for a while hovering inertly over the car and then it flew away.

When it disappeared, the engine of our car suddenly started and after a while we were again in a center of a rainstorm. Marek stopped at the roadside without word. We were sitting and gazing at each other for about a quarter waiting for comments but we weren't able to utter a word. Finally we set out. When we were approaching my parents' house we began talking about it. We promised each other that we would never tell anyone about that incident and we'd try to forget about it.

Anyway, our promise wasn't fulfilled. On the next day we drove to that place. We expected to find some marks. But nil. Trees were standing on the both sides of the road and grass on the meadow wasn't pressed.

Mr. Marek summarized the whole event in his words: "It must be an UFO."

* Special thanks to: Hanna & Marek Wisniewscy

* Source: NPN -

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