Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finnish Air Force Releases UFO Videos

By Santiago Yturria Garza

Santiago Yturria Garza (Sml)     The Finnish Air Force made an important disclosure presenting a video of an incident involving a military jet fighter and a UFO. According to Tapani Koivula, chairman of the Finninsh research group FUFORA, the encounter took place on April 27, 2005 and it was recorded by the infrared camera aboard the fighter.

There was another UFO incident also recorded on November 2003 and both cases were disclosed by the Finnish Air Force. Researcher Tapani Koivula received the files and footage for further analysis.

In his report Mr. Koivula mentioned that, "No normal explanations have been found, neither by officials nor UFO researchers". The Mexican Air Force UFO case was discussed by them as the UFO event was also recorded on infrared camera while
flying over the Campeche aerial space.

This is an important advance in the efforts for a global UFO Disclosure by the military institutions all over the world.

The Finnish Air Force UFO videoclip may be seen at the FUFORA website along with the complete report.

* Special Thanks to Mr. Tapani Koivula, FUFORA and brazilian researcher Jaime Rangel for sharing this information.

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