Friday, March 24, 2006

School for UFO-Spotters

Saucer Classroom

     A flying saucer school teaching UFO-spotters how to react if they meet an alien has opened in Russia.

The opening of the new UFO and Paranormal College, run by the Ufology Commission in Togliatti follows a spate of crop circles in the region.

According to Tatiana Markova, chairwoman of the Commission, the school was opened in response to renewed local interest in the paranormal.

"We teach people how to spot a flying saucer, where you should go to see one and how to react if you meet an extraterrestrial."

Markova insists she and her colleagues are qualified to teach mankind how to deal with the first encounter with an alien race.

She said: "We have studied several of the most popular flying saucer routes and filmed the phenomena we saw.

"For example we have lots of video footage featuring the type of UFOs called Belgian triangles, they are frequent visitors to our city."

And she added that after students learn the theory of 'Ufology' they are taken out into the field to practice their skills.

"However we are not going to take crowds of amateurs to UFO sighting spots just to satisfy their curiosity. We expect newcomers to extend our UFO-sightings map," she added.

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