Thursday, March 16, 2006

PRESS RELEASE: Film and Television Luminaries Added To Aztec UFO Symposium's Speaker Line-up

Aztec UFO Video
Scott Ramsey (Sml)     Aztec, New Mexico-Scott Ramsey, one of the board members of the "Friends of The Aztec Public Library," who are in their ninth year of promoting the Aztec UFO Symposium informs us that two additional speakers have recently been added to the list for this years event; in addition, a Danish film crew, headed by "Ole Retsbo" will be there to record it.

Paul Davids (Sml)Paul Davids, producer, director, artist, writer and as of late, keynote speaker certainly isn't a stranger to Ufology.

Roswell MovieDavids was the executive producer of the highly acclaimed movie, "Roswell" done for Showtime in 1994; In an interview with Jerry Pippin he explains, "how his interest in the UFO field was sparked by a daylight flying saucer sighting in 1987 in close proximity, with his two children. This event provided the motivation for him becoming Executive Producer and Co-Writer of the Showtime film, Roswell, starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dwight Yoakam, and Martin Sheen. He talks about being an advocate for full public disclosure of the facts about the UFO phenomenon. Davids is president of Yellow Hat Productions, Inc."

Jim Berwanger, Exective Vice President of Fox Network will be present as well and will do the opening remarks at the Friday night "meet and greet". This will be Jim's second visit to Aztec, New Mexico. Jim attended the 2003 Symposium.

Ole Retsbo from Danish Public Television will also be attending this year; they are the equivalent of PBS here in the States. Ole Retsbo and crew will be filming at the alleged crash site on Sunday morning for one of there shows.

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