Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Poland: UFO Over The Bug River

Following photos were taken by Mr. Michal Kurc – an artist who does the photography for 42 years.

UFO Over Poland; Grodek - Molozew 1983    [1]
by: Piotr Cielebias: NOL – Polish UFO Journal

“Presented photos were taken on 22nd August 1983 at 20:52 on a road between Molozew and Grodek on Bug [read: Moulouzhsev and Grudek - NOL].

In Grodek on the Bug river I carried out a photo class for young people from Wojewodztwo Siedleckie called “Grodek ‘83”. On the day before the observation, some apprentices shared with me following information: “We have seen an UFO, it was a fantastic experience. Please, believe us.” I replied: “Who had invented this joke? You won’t trick me.”

Then I was overwhelmed with a great amount of details and it was often said that the UFO would surely appear on the next day. I didn’t believe them, but… I came forward with an idea that it would be an occasion to take some photos for an [post-session] exhibition presenting curves of the Bug river in Molozewo.

After supper we went to the mentioned location. We took some interesting photos waiting for the alleged UFO. The expected moment came but…nil. At about 20:30 I said: “Let’s go back”. I heard: “Please, wait a while”.

I said that we could observe the sky on our way back to Grodek. Due to a fact that the alleged UFO was expected to appear behind us, one person was walking at the end [of the group] and observing the sky. We changed the subject of our conversation and soon we nearly forgot about the UFO (nobody prepared the camera in order to take a photo of the “spacecraft”).

Suddenly I could hear a scream: „Here is the UFO!”

UFO Over Poland; Grodek - Molozew 1983    [2]
Everyone turned backwards. Some were only observing the phenomenon and forgot about taking photos. Other began to look for the correct position to snap a photo, setting the parameters. I was also surprised. (…) After taking the first one photo I noticed that I was illuminated – some red light descended on me. I took two additional photos observing the phenomenon and I wondered whether the UFO is an unknown to me meteorological phenomenon. It lasted about 20 seconds. Then a short calmness came.

„We said that UFO will come and it appeared”. I replied: “I don’t know what it was – maybe an UFO or something else.” But I wondered why some of them were assured that UFO would appear on the next day at the same place.

All the way back to Grodek was spent on sharing experiences among us. We agreed on the color of the light that illuminated us and on the shape of the moving object. The object was 300 – 500 m. away, or maybe less than this - it is hard to estimate that distance. We wondered if the object would be visible on the photo (…) Alas, everyone had some disturbances with their cameras and the most of the pictures were blurred, in some cases very deeply. Presented photos on which “something” may be seen was taken by me.”

Photos were taken with BELPASCA camera. The witness mentioned also a fact that photos [due to a fact that they were taken with stereoscopic camera] should be almost identical but they aren’t.

* Photos Courtesy: Mr. Michal Kurc

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