Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Did ET Abduct Police Officer?

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     GENERAL PICO - The disappearance of policeman Sergio Pucheta summoned the presence of a number of researchers, among them renowned Santa Rosa researcher Quique Mario, who has been studying the UFO phenomenon in the province of La Pampa for some 30 years. "Evidently something is going on that merits the attention of the public and the authorities, in order to understand the phenomenon better," he said yesterday during a press interview.

Mario, who followed police combing operations closely in the attempt to find Pucheta, contacted sources at the Centeno Hospital, highlighting that from the onset "there was something strange going on with the officer's disappearance"

Meanwhile, he added that after the officer was found, he managed to speak with Pucheta himself, who was "in a state of very deep emotional shock"
"We visited him with Sheriff Roberto Ayala, the Chief of UR II, and asked him to relax by means of breathing exercises. He began to loosen up and then began to tell his story," Mario explained.

Likewise, the ufologist indicated that Pucheta could not explain "what happened to his gun, his cell phone and his handy" adding that "he was chased by two people with striking characteristics, shorter than he and with red eyes."

Mario remarked that Pucheta's trail "reached some 2700 meters away from the site where the episode occurred" and that the young man "has no idea how he arrived" at the location where he was rescued. Meanwhile, physicians did not find "strange marks on his body", he was expecting Pucheta's improvement in order to go deeper into his experiences.

Finally, Quique Mario stated that the vicinity of La Barrancosa "was one of the few areas of the province in which strange lights appear that I am not familiar with," remarking that "there are many places in which [people] are seeing strange lights of unknown origin."

Thus, he pointed out that "something is going on that merits the attention of the public and the authorities in an effort to understand this phenomenon. There are recent recordings and many photos taken in broad daylight over General Acha, Santa Rosa, Macachin, Riglos and Parra. Evidently something's going on."

* SOURCE: El Diario de la Pampa

* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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