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Summary of UFO Cases in Puerto Rico - 2006-02-15

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Summary of UFO Cases in Puerto Rico - 2006-02-15

Reported to or Researched by OVNI.NET

and/or its collaborators

Compiled by: Lucy Guzman, OVNI.NET

Updated on: 2-14-06


Ponce, Puerto Rico: Low Flying UFO Reported

Type: I

Date: 01.08.06/ 04.03.05

Time:P 6:27 pm

Place: Ponce, P.R.

Evidence: None

     Summary: "I would like to report the strange movement of an object flying over Ponce last weekend on 01.08.26 at 6:27 pm. The object was dark and made erratic movements on its axis. Its forward movement was very slow. At first it resembled a balloon, but its flight path was orderly. Given its altitude, it is unlikely that it could have been a conventional remote-control plane. I can more or less place the elevation at 1000 feet. I love aviation and am planning to take courses to obtain my license, as I have studied aircraft since middle school fifteen years ago. As far as I'm concerned, it was neither a Cessna or Tiger small aircraft - the observation lasted some three minutes as it moved from west to east at between 15 to 30 MPH. It flew behind OfficeMax and Wal-Mart; once it was over this last store, it made a left turn of some 100 degrees and headed toward Playa de Ponce. That's where I lost visual contact with the object. I don't know if you've received a report from anyone else, so I'm informing you just in case. I began looking at other drivers, but as you can imagine, they were all staring straight forward as though they were sleepers awake. My wife managed to see a silver detail to the object, but since I was driving, I was limited to seeing it as dark. I couldn't see a tail rudder or wings."

Source: Andrew Álvarez de and Ovni.Net
Yauco, Puerto Rico: Low-Flying Aircraft Flies Over Urban Area Dropping a "Spray" from its Wings and Causing Allergies, Respiratory Problems in Local Residents.

Type: I

Day: Either Wednesday January 25 or Thursday, January 26 2006

Location: Yauco

Time: 10:00 to 11:00 A.M.

Witnesses: Rafael - father of Rafi-; schoolteacher; Rafi himself.

Evidence: None

     Summary: "My father told me a story that has caused many to phone in regarding a C-130 Hercules that flew over the entire area last week as it dropped a "spray" from its wings (not from its engines). Papi told me that he saw it and its color was nearly black, flying well under what is normal for an urban area. I asked if he managed to notice any distinguishing features in its tail, but he said nothing could be seen. In Yauco there has been much talk about respiratory problems: my cousin and his wife took ill on Wednesday or Thursday; I myself came down with allergies and chest complaints and a hoarseness that nearly clouded my voice. My daughter developed strong nasal allergies. But since Wednesday to the present, there haven't been any allergies. From my work place I was able to perceive the rumble of engines between Wednesday or Thursday. I was surprised that the object was flying so low, but I was dealing with students at the time and I was unable to leave the school library. It was between 10:00 and 10:30 am. One of the teachers told me she saw one in Yauco proper last week and that it was flying very low and engaging in maneuvers over Yauco. She said that it looked strange because it made many turns (coming and going many times) over the are. She was on her way to school, and told me that this took place before 11:00 am."

Case referred by: Rafy to Andrew Álvarez de and

Lucy Guzmán de Ovni.Net

Fuente: Andrew Álvarez, and Ovni.Net

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico: Alleged "Alien" Says Anthropologist and Paranormal Researcher Andrew Alvarez is an "Extraterrestrial".
     On Thursday, January 27 2006, Puerto Rico’s “El Despelote” radio show (on Mega Station 106.9 FM). [a call was received] from a woman identifying herself as “María” who claimed to be an alien, owned a spaceship, professed to have the ability to hypnotize people, and spoke in an alien language, saying that Andrew Alvarez was a space alien; Andrew’s mother had told her that her two children were the offspring of an alien father; Andrew had not learned his knowledge, but rather had it since the age of 3, and that she was a witness to this. She added that she was also writing a book in which she would discuss aliens and their languages. On Sunday the 29th, on the Marcano [TV] show, after Andrew spoke on terrorism, Marcano asked him if it was really true that he was a space alien. Andrew smiled, as this was the question he least expected. He listened to the recording of the woman’s allegations (as Marcano played it for him) and said that he knew that her name was Minerva and that when he was 14 years old, she had been one of her mother’s students. Boys, he added, would chase her in an attempt to rip her wig off, since she said she was an alien and had little antennae on her head. He, on the other hand, was thoroughly human!

Note: The woman has continued to phone Mega and other stations with the same story.

Source: La Mega Estación, Marcano TV Program and

* Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales
Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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