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Jaime Maussan
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

** Alleged evidence presented is a prank confected by minors**

by Daniel Barquet
     They mocked Jaime Maussan in Mérida, Yucatan, and alleged aliens disclosed it was all a prank.

     Last week, the ufologist presented evidence of alien life in Mérida, which circulated over the Internet and show an alleged alien concealed behind a light post.

     Authors of the "jape" disclosed that they did it merely to "to mock" Maussan and try to "get some dough" out of him. The prank, which "even passed the analysis with special equipment", was made with a mask that one of the participants purchased during last year's carnival in Yucatan's capital city. The alien evidence was broadcast by Televisa during the last episode of the Otro Rollo program, hosted by Adal Ramones.

     After the end of this program, the prank made with a supermarket mask became, for some ufologists "further proof" that aliens are on Earth and that one of them appeared in Fraccionamiento del Parque in eastern Merida.

     The recording, presented by Maussan as a world exclusive, is of poor quality and was made with cell phone. The pranksters claim that they made it "in order to make a good amount of money from the sale of that material", but are now afraid and undecided about disclosing the truth or maintaining the hoax.

     "The events are fake. There is no such alien," said Sergio Valdez Diaz, member of the Centro de Investigacion de Fenomenos Paranormales, a group dedicated to studying such events.

     Two re-enactments have already been made in Merida using camcorders and cell phones similar to the one employed in making the recording, yielding elements that dismiss [its credibility].

     "We engaged in this event shortly after the events, before Maussan came to listen to their story. It's not true that alien vanished behind the lightpost, since it is large enough for a young man to conceal himself. The alleged entity's long arm, which touches the young man, is a visual effect. It was said that contact took place when the boy went to fetch the ball, but the ball was on the left and the post was on the right," stated Valdez Diaz, who met with the authors of the prank, all minors.

     Accoridng to Valdez Diaz, "all of the youths involved were aware of the deception but decided to maintain it, partly because they hoped to obtain money through their hoax."

     "Now this teenager is frightened by the scope of the events and by the visits from people wanting to interview him. He no longer wants to speak with anyone. His companions did not tell the truth because, as they said, they hoped that Maussan would pay them a good amount of money for the recording and could "have a good laugh" at his expense," he concluded.

* (Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO)

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