Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blast From The Past - May 23, 1955:
Those "Little Men" On Flying Saucers?
Real, Says Kilgallen

Remember the creepy stories about flying saucers and little men from outer space? Dorothy Kilgallen has run into a new one in London. Here is her dispatch to the New York Journal-American on what a British official thinks about those "little fellows."

By Dorothy Kilgallen
Distributed by International News Service

Dorothy Kilgallen     London, May 22 - British scientists and airmen, after examining the wreckage of a mysterious "flying ship," are convinced that these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet
inventions, but actually are flying saucers which originate on another planet.

     The source of my information is a British official of cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified.

     "We believe, on the basis of our inquiries thus far, that the 'saucers' were staffed by small men - probably under four feet tall," my informant told me today.

     "It's frightening but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet."

     This official quoted scientists as saying a flying ship of this type could not have been constructed on earth.

     The British government, I learned, is withholding an official report on the "flying saucer" examination at this time, possibly because it does not wish to frighten the public.

     When my husband, Richard Kollmer (Broadway producer and radio commentator) and I arrived here for a brief vacation, I had no premonition that I would be catapulting myself into the controversy over whether flying saucers are real or imaginary.

     In the United States, all kinds of explanations have been advanced.

     But no responsible official of the U.S. Air Force has yet intimated the mysterious flying ships had actually vaulted from outer space.

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  1. Hi Susanne-Louise,

    Thank you! Yes, Kilgallen was most definitely a "mover & shaker" of her time; her mysterious death had more twists and turns in it then a bag of pretzels. (Ala Marilyn Monroe).



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