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UFO Sightings in Russia — Wrap up for 2005

Russians Guarding Crashed UFO
Komsomolskaya Pravda

     Russian intelligence agencies have repeatedly stated that no UFOs have ever been spotted over Russian territory. However, witnesses from the general public continue to contradict these reports with stories of their personal encounters with the paranormal.

     Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda has put together the most reliable of these reports and come up with a list of UFO sightings in Russia and other post-Soviet countries for 2005.

     Crop Circles

     This year 18 cases of crop circles have been reported in Russia’s regions — this is six cases more than last year and almost twice the number for 2003.

     Mysterious signs were seen in all parts of the country — as far afield as the Komi Republic and the Far East, and as close to Moscow as the Voronezh and Novgorod regions. But just like last year, the southern Krasnodar region has had more crop circles than any other region.

     Meanwhile, local people are not too thrilled by the unexplainable phenomena. In fact they are more troubled by ufologists who put up their tents in the fields, hoping to catch the unknown artists red-handed.

     UFO Caught on Film at the Yenisei River

     “This May I took visiting relatives out to see an ice drift on the Yenisei,” nurse Raisa Kireyeva from the town of Igarka says.

     “We stopped at the bank, I was speaking and gesturing and my son was taking pictures. We neither heard nor saw anything suspicious or unusual, so we were totally shocked to see some object hanging in the air over my head when we had the photographs printed.”

     The woman took the picture and the negative to the Eternal Frost Museum,

     At first the experts were skeptical about the photograph... “We’ve had so many of them.” But after an examination they had to admit the strange object in the picture was neither a fake nor faulty film.

     “We checked all the negatives,” the director of the Eternal Frost Museum’s department in Igarka, Alexander Toshchev, said.

     “But even when we magnified the image many times, the ’saucer’ remained very distinct.”

     Astronomers Prove Continuous Reports of UFOs Over the Crimea

     For many years people have reported the UFOs they have spotted in the sky above the Crimea in Ukraine, in the seaside city of Yalta. Astronomers at Crimea’s Physical Astronomy Observatory decided to finally prove or disprove these reports.

     The researchers indeed located a reddish ball that floated in the sky for about ten minutes, slowly changing its color from red to light yellow, and leaving a path of smoke in its wake.

     The astronomers estimated the UFO was about 400 km away. So, in theory, the object could actually have been a secret flying device that the Turks were testing across the sea.

     Extra Terrestrials Trim Russian Watermelons

     This September bright luminous orange-colored objects, round in shape, became a familiar sight in the village of Yevseyevka in the Primorye region of Russia’s Far East. Enormous lights moved across the sky in the evenings, disappearing from view and then returning again.

     The balls demonstrated strange ’behavior’: they froze for some time, started moving again, changed their path of motion, sent out rays of light towards one another and what’s more, each ball beamed bright lights towards the ground.

     A local farmer conducted an experiment on Sept., 7. When the balls appeared in the dark sky, Yuri Galayev took his torch and signaled to one of the balls, turning the torch on and off. The ball responded immediately with identical signals.

     The next morning when the Galayevs went to their watermelons field they noticed a weird pattern on one of the watermelons. They remembered the day before the pattern had not been there, and came to the conclusion it was a note from their night visitors.

     The watermelon was taken to a well-known Primorye biologist and ufologist Valery Dvuzhilny.

     “I studied the fruit, both the healthy and the impacted tissue,” Dvuzhilny said.

     “This could not be done by insects, bacteria nor by some fungi — none of these could produce such a symmetrical pattern.”

     The patterned watermelon is not an isolated case in the region. In September 2002 two watermelons with complicated pictograms on them were found in the field of farmer Nikolai Schislyayev.

     “Well, let them draw, I don’t care as long as they don’t steal from the field,” the farmer said.

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