Thursday, December 08, 2005

"I Recently Saw a Circle of Blazing Lights in The Night Sky, and Then Something Light Emerging From One Side of a Flying Vehicle"

UFO Over South Africa
Voices from above

By Clive Percival
The Star

     The world is full of inexplicable phenomena, for which I can vouch. However, I never once thought I would experience any.

     I recently saw a circle of blazing lights in the night sky, and then something light emerging from one side of a flying vehicle.

     Some 20 seconds elapsed before I heard a thunderclap, which meant that the vehicle must have been 20 to 25km from where I was standing. Within seconds it was hovering a short distance from me.

     Seeing is believing, and hearing the thunder could not be deceiving. I still don't believe what I saw.

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