Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Greys Matter

by Sean Stubblefield
The Student Operated Press

"Assuming the correctness of my perceptions, this book, then, becomes a chronicle not only of my discovery of a Visitor's presence in the world, but also one of how I have learned to fear them less." ---Whitley Strieber; author of Communion
     In 1947, U.S. Army Lieutenant Walter Haut was ordered to announce, in an official Army news release, that a flying saucer had landed in Roswell, New Mexico. And so he did. However, almost immediately after, that claim was retracted— on second thought-- and substituted with a feeble story about a misidentified weather balloon. Yeah, because up close these two things look so much alike and are easy to confuse with each other.

     And then poor Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer sent to investigate the “alleged” alien craft — I mean, weather balloon-- on which that supposed report is based was set up by his military superiors as the patsy for making that clumsy “mistake”. Be aware and advised, a crashed weather balloon does not leave the amount or type of debris reportedly found at the crash sight. What’s really going on here?

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